Best golf course story you heard while playing with strangers

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Hey everyone,

Sitting around with some friends last night having some adult beverages and we started to talk about funny golf stories we heard while playing with people you never meet before. I enjoy hearing these kind of corky things and some of them are just beyond belief. I would enjoy hearing yours, here is my entry:

Whiling playing Whistling Straits last year my caddie for the round told me this.

A couple of years ago 4 guys are on the first hole and hit their tee shots, they ask the caddy to take their picture which he thought no big deal and did. After the picture was taken all four of the players changed clothes completely and than played the hole out.

Get to #2 the guys hit tee shots, ask for another picture, than change clothes again after. The same thing happened on #3 and #4.

Finally get to #5 and one of the guys looks at the caddies and says "ok we're done thanks for your time", tips the caddies very generously and they all walk off the course with their clubs. The caddy very dumbfounded by what had happened quickly ask the guy if he did something wrong or are they not happy with the course etc. The guy simply looks at him with a $hit eating smile and says "We're from New York and we told our wives we are going on four day golfing vacation in Wisconsin. We have a private airplane waiting for us about 30 mins down the road to take us to Las Vegas for those days, the pictures are so we can send one back each day to them so they think we are here".

Well Played Gentlemen, very well played!


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    Great story. But they could have picked a different course than Straits. No way in **** am I not finishing a round there. Other than that it was very well played indeed.
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    Once played with two Americans who'd recently played at Gleneagles. Story goes that one of them asked his caddie if it was going to rain. The caddie replied "when ye can see yon mountains ye know its going to rain". So he asked, what if I can't see the mountains? Caddie replied, "then it's raining"
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    Kind of a first/second hand story.

    Was a single at Bandon and I got paired up with a 3 some. A couple holes in 2 guys start teasing 1 guy about the hole we are on. Turns out their last trip down they were running late and they got to the first ocean hole on Bandon Dunes and the guy didn't set the brake on his Clic Gear cart. As the guy is getting ready to hit (or putt, I forgot) his buddies are cracking up, his cart is now going full speed towards the cliff (120 ft drop or so). Well he goes running and it falls about 10 feet at gets hung up in the gorse. Having his phone, car keys and wallet his buddies convince him to go in after it. Well he does and can't get out, so they flag a marshall down who calls it in. They come out in a beekeeper suit and a cart with a wench. All was retrieved and a very uncomfortable round was finished.

    Later that night, I guess he had a few too many pops to drink and his buddies convinced him that going in the hot tub would make the scratches from the gorse feel better.

    After they tell this story my caddie looks at them and goes "that was you? You guys are famous around here."

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    I played with someone who teaches at a private school in Westchester. One day he decides he's going to play golf at Maple Moor after work, which is one of the public courses that's right next to the Hutchinson River Parkway, which is on his way home from the school. He is a single so he's going to be paired up with whoever they give him. The starter says I have a threesome of women that is on the tee in 15 minutes. He asks the starter if he can wait a bit for the next open spot. The starter looks at his sheet and says, oh yeah I have someone for you. When he heads to the first tee for his time it turns out he is playing with one other guy on the cart that turns out to be David Cone. This is right after he had retired from baseball and while being a member of Westchester country club his game was not very sharp and he didn't want to make a fool of himself there. He said it was one of the most enjoyable 18 holes he played, Cone was a great guy, and they really didn't talk all that much about baseball.
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    Well, this was more of a driving range story than playing on the course story. A person who habits the driving range a lot was known by others to be rather quiet and reclusive, not one to engage in conversation and hard to even get eye contact with when arriving on the range as if to say 'hi'. One day the complete opposite arrives, many of the people know this guy from prior experiences....the guy that is almost annoying , no, he is annoying!, that he has to come to you while on the range and try to start a conversation when all you want to do is hit your bucket of balls. So, he parks himself next to the 'quiet one' and several of the other driving range regulars were spending as much time keeping an eye on these two as they were paying attention to hitting their range balls. So the talkative one grabs his driver and says "you just got to try this, it's fantastic, I bet you can hit it a mile farther than yours'. The quiet one doesn't even acknowledge the guy, but after several more "go ahead, give it a hit", he finally takes the club, tees up a ball, skyballs it and puts a skyball mark on the leading edge of the crown and hands it back to the fellow without nearly a "sorry or anything" and just goes back to what he was doing. Can't tell you the held-in laughs by all the others just to see the look on the talkative one trying to wipe the scratch marks away, saying oh golly, the paint is scratched, the paint is scratched". I can't be sure, but I think that guy did that on purpose. The only other thing that comes close, maybe a close second, was watching someone in our group during an MGA who had a habit of standing outside the tee markers (flat steel, cut with laser cutter, so they were sharp and flat edged out of 1/8-inch steel, into a design, and painted) . They guy was coming down so close with this ball maybe a foot on the inside of the tee marker, that on one hole his shaft scrapes the metal tee marker and literally slices it off (I think came back down under his swing plane). Funniest thing I've seen, especially since someone earlier said that could happen. I never like those kind because I've walked into them, hard to see when you're on end, they are a flat metal cutout.

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    I had a caddy at Streamsong who said he had once worked at Augusta. I've since seen him on an LPGA bag and he was considered a bit of a legend by the other caddies at Streamsong, so there is a decent chance this story of his is true.
    He and three other caddies were working for a foursome at Augusta that included Bill Gates. One of the caddies was a high school senior. The caddies got together pre-round and agreed to spit the tips four ways and the kid would caddy for Bill Gates as Mr. Gates enjoys building a rapport with young people and exchanging ideas about making a contributions to build a better world. They get to #12, the kid says, "Mr. Gates, this is an 8 iron shot, left of the pin and it will feed toward the hole." Ace. Bill Gates gets his first hole-in-one. Everyone is high fiving and the caddies are already drooling over the tip split. The round ends. The kid takes the clubs out to Bill's car, gets a big hung and no tip. The kid is crushed, and the caddies say, "No, no, no. This is great! Now he will be embarrassed that he forgot and when he sends a check it will be double." A week goes by and nothing. Then another and another and nothing. Fall comes and the kid shows up for his freshman year at an ivy league school. Stapled to his paper work is a note. "Your tuition deposit has been returned as 4 years of your college tuition have been paid for courtesy of Mr. Bill Gates. And thank you for your help on #12."

    So, my Streamsong caddy wants to know, "Where is my cut? That had to be what? $250,000?"


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    A friend and I went out to play golf at Griffith Park, an old Muni in LA. Despite no tee time within about 30 minutes we were sent to the first tee. While we are there Stan Verrett and some other guy drive up in a cart.

    I seriously always have ESPN on and my wife can't stand it when sportcenter has replayed for the 5th time. My buddy and I look at each other and are like what the **** and introduce ourselves. When he says "I'm Stan" I'm like yeah. It was kind of weird having my golf followed by Stan Verrette taglines from sportscenter. At the end of the round he sincerely tells us he really enjoyed the morning and tells my friend that he's the best golfer he's played with, which seems kind of crazy since I assume he's played in some pro-ams.

    I also couldn't figure out why Stan would be playing at an LA muni...maybe he loves classic architecture.


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