Your Best Round Ever....What Stands Out?



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    Im still learning so my best round is only a 94 on a par 72 course. Nothing to write home about but I did net 3 pars and only one triple bogey blow up hole. So I guess thats what stands out to me. I also got bogey on a few holes that have been total disasters for me in the past.
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  • Twism86Twism86 Members Posts: 414 ✭✭

    The best round at a golf tournament was at the final round of Rutgers Invitational my freshman year.

    Our team was only a couple shots from winning the biggest tournament in the school's history so the pressure was high for the last round for all of us.

    I was extremely nervous since this was one of my first college tournaments and I felt that I had to already perform at a really high level.

    Luckily I played an amazing round and finished off with a birdie on the last hole for a solid score of 66

    Played at Rutgers and now you live in Sweden? Interesting. I work at RU and play that course quite frequently!
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    I bladed it out of the green-side bunker on the last hole. Would have gone into the Intracoastal Waterway. But nailed the flag stick straight on and dropped 1 foot from the hole. Tapped in for my first subpar round 71.

    I was on a golf vacation in Myrtle Beach SC

    I’ll never forget that last shot, luck was on my side.
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    putting, and not making bombs, but making putts inside 8 feet. My best rounds are the ones I'm making the difficult par saving putts and few birdies
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    66. Make everything inside 8ft
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    shot a 69 on a par 72. literally everything was going my way, Drained a 40 foot eagle. made multiple putts in the 20 foot range.
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    It was a round without a single care about anything other than I want the ball to go "there", now let's make it happen.
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    Was all psyched up for a round on my bday a few years back.

    The first 4 holes were a disaster - +4 with a 3-putt and no FIR’s.

    I gave myself a talking to - I just had to drive the ball better.

    Hit 9/10 fairways the rest of the day, and just had that feeling over the ball, where you know you’re going to hit it well.

    Drive on 18 perfectly summed up the experience: 345 yd par 4, big dogleg left. You can carry the brush to a landing area about 295 out, leaving yourself with a straightforward pitch.

    Most take an iron/hybrid and lay-up to the right, but as I mentioned, I was feeling it, and wanted to finish strong.

    Gave my driver a few words of encouragement and let rip my best drive of the day.

    It carried 6 inches past the brush (ball mark evidence) and capped off my best driving day ever.

    Ended up with a +4 76, which wasn’t my best score to par in a round, but it was the most solid overall round I’ve ever played.

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    Had very few such rounds ... basically shooting bogey or better on all holes!
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    The biggest thing that stands out for my best rounds has been quality of ball striking via quiet leg action. I have had a tendency to really snap the lead leg and generally rotate too hard which just leads to terrible dispersion and contact quality. Keeping those things quiet and smooth means i'm almost never in trouble or out of position and scrambling. The next key after that is putting from 10-15ft. The former is the difference between high 70's and low 70's for me, the latter is what you need to get into the 60's.
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  • A.G. Pennypacker A.G. Pennypacker Members Posts: 487 ✭✭
    Just coming in here to vent.

    I have an index that floats around 10-12, and typically shoot mid 80s scores. Shot a 78 once, that's my best round.

    Was out yesterday, striking the ball quite well, dropping putts left and right. Only a couple three putts, a bunch of 1 or 2 putts. ffwd to the back 9, and I'm +6 through 15 holes. Even when I miss shots, I've been able to scramble for par a couple times... I proceed to play the next 3 holes at 5 over par, and throw away a potential new career low round.

    Silly game, this is.
  • kc_hackerkc_hacker Members Posts: 61 ✭✭
    Two shots stand out in my most recent really good round (1 off my best ever). A high cut with a 7 iron to a pin just over a sand trap on a par 3. I can't hit a cut...when I hit that shot, I knew I had something good going. It was hole 12.

    The other shot was driver on the last hole. It's a par 5, but I can hit anything from a 6 iron to a driver off the tee (it's a dumb hole). I've been in a position to shoot a good number on this course a few times before, but always leaked oil on the way in. I said "**** it" and took a mighty lash with the driver on the last hole. It ended in position A, and at that point I knew I had it licked. Finished the job.

    My game has been on the upswing, but when I get to #15 or 16 and I know I'm in a position to go really low, I tense up and start trying to steer the ball. I'm finally learning to take one less club and let it rip.
  • GautamaGautama Members Posts: 770 ✭✭
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    Oh, I remember mine alright. I shot a 108 on local 9 hole executive course one day after work. Everything was clicking that day...right off the bat I hit the drive of my life, found the right edge of the first cut with only 210 left on a tough dogleg par 4. Made my double and moved on. Then after only a couple of tries I finally carried the water on the par 3 second and I knew I was in for something special!

    Everything went my way. Things like when I left my my ball retriever on three, but I was chased down by a course martial on the fifth who nicely returned it to me and told me "to hurry the F up." (Sweet old guy, always with the funny banter,that was how you knew he really liked you and saw you as one of the guys).

    The whole round went like that...I even hit the green on the 8th in only four shots! Anyway,the by the time I dropped a really dicey two footer to make 6 on the 9th I knew I had to go around again. Posted a 55/53, and I've been chasing that feeling ever since. Still have the card on the wall of my cubicle at work. Screwed up my handicap for a while trying to fill those shoes but it was so worth it... Just flat had it that day man.
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    I just shot 72 (33-39) today on a par 71 layout. Shorter not very difficult course, but you still have to keep it in play which is normally tough for me to do. I was actually disappointed at the end because I bogeyed 3 of my last 4 holes. Probably because I knew it was the best round I have ever played and that 60’s were definitely in play. What stuck out to me the most was giving myself meable par saves. My proximity to the hole on par putts had to only be around 5 feet on average. Maybe a couple instances when I had bogeys was it any farther out. I scrambled really well also if I didn’t hit the green in regulation. Almost holed a chip for eagle on a par 5, birdie on another par 4, etc.
  • FourTopsFourTops Banned Posts: 1,676 ✭✭
    The best round ever was buying tequila shooters all night for two groups of guys when one guy...on a par 3....bladed his tee hit a sprinkler head on the 2nd bounce...rolled onto the green for a hole in one.
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    68. Made everything inside 10 ft.
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    Like a lot of guys have said previously, it was mostly a boring round of fairways, greens, and 2-putt pars until my final 3 holes. I was 1-over when I jarred a 50-footer for birdie on 16 to get back to level par. On 17, I sunk a 30-footer for par after shortsiding myself with my approach shot. So I was even par standing on the final tee, knowing I could break par for the very first time, and what did I do? Make a double bogey....Still shot my lifetime best of +2 and gained a ton of confidence in my game!
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    I keep pretty meticulous stats and the lowest scores/best rounds can pretty much be sorted by the GIR stat in the exact same way.

    If I hit lots of greens, I have lots of birdie putts, I am not in any trouble all day and I don't have any big numbers. For me there is a measurable correlation between greens in regulation and lowest career scores...
  • haroleaseharolease Members Posts: 617 ✭✭
    Not pure off the tee but never OB and in trouble

    All I remember was getting up and down almost every time

    Wizard around the green got it done for me
  • chal0072chal0072 Members Posts: 351 ✭✭
    Best round this year 79. Boring golf, keep tee shots in play most of the time. No 3 putts, but not outstanding either.
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  • phen0men0nphen0men0n Members Posts: 88
    My lowest round ever is a 77 (par 70). Two things stood out to me about that round:

    1. No double bogies. I managed to miss in all the right places, and never lost a ball off the tee. Having no double bogies is my goal every round, this was one of the only times I actually accomplished it.

    2. No three putts. This is the only round I've ever played where I averaged under 2 putts/hole. My chipping wasn't insane or anything, I just wasn't three putting anything that day. Every lag putt ended up inside 3 feet, and I even made a very difficult 25-footer for birdie (top 3 best putts I've ever made).

    So I'd say that if one part of my game truly stood out that day, it was putting, but that day I really managed to elevate my whole game to a level I haven't seen before or since. I'm a 12 handicap and I'm usually pleased with an 85, considering how little I get to practice. That round did show me what I was capable of though, and I feel like I'm getting close to breaking through again.
  • AllShowNoDoughAllShowNoDough Members Posts: 78 ✭✭
    Best 9 hole round 33 (3 under) - It was a high school match. It broke the school record by 3 shots and the opposing team had a kid who tried to pull the "I accidentally hit my ball with my putter, that's not a stroke"

    Best 18 hole round was actually not my lowest scoring. I've shot sub 70 a couple of times but my even par 71 with 6 birdies, 6 bogies, an eagle, and a double I say was my best round.

    I was working at a course attempting to become a teaching pro and we had a big money game put together with a bunch of former members (course was private for 80 years before going public). I was playing with the asst. pro, head pro, and his buddy. I have never had that much to drink on a golf course before. I have also never had that much fun. I've also never won that much in a skins game.
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  • blackngold_bloodblackngold_blood Golf Ball Whacker Guy Members Posts: 997 ✭✭
    Happen to have my career round of 79 today and sadly what stands out most in my head is what could have been. Career best round with 3 double bogeys.

    Work in progress and will be updated after St. Andrews!!

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  • tacks123tacks123 Members Posts: 16 ✭✭
    When I was younger I shot 68 par 72. With 9 birdies Thanks Ed
  • FourTopsFourTops Banned Posts: 1,676 ✭✭
    Not thinking about playing well...just playing...not even paying attention to score. No bad or good shot...shots just "were" what they were. A fleeting mindset given everything else in life is geared towards undue attention to detail.
  • platgofplatgof platgof ClubWRX Posts: 1,512 ClubWRX
    It has been very hot lately and was able to get out and play nine. Just had an awesome day. Started out birdie, so that was encouraging. Ended up shooting 40 and came so close to going lower. I felt I left a lot out there. The round went amazingly fast for some reason. The driver was on as well as the rest of the clubs. Had a blast.
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  • sittingbullsittingbull Members Posts: 8 ✭✭
    Played a local course that I have not played in years called Groesbeck plays around 6300 yards.

    I shot 72 with 16 pars 1 bogey and a chip in for bird on 18. I played tee to green about best I played all year
  • williamsnrbwilliamsnrb The Golf Doctor Members Posts: 1,625 ✭✭
    I shot 28 during our 9 hole league a couple of years ago. I've gone low before, but 28 was a record for me. The two things that I remember is how it felt like I couldn't miss a putt and how I really wished it wasn't dark so I could play the back nine.
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  • joeplus2joeplus2 Whoa...Barry Sanders! Members Posts: 113
    61 on par 70 with a bogey. Granted the course rating was 69.4. Either way....

    thing that stuck out, birdied the first 4 holes. After that I EXPECTED to make birdie on every hole that followed. Felt better than ****, Lasted longer too
  • arbitragearbitrage Norwalk, CTMembers Posts: 857 ✭✭
    Best round ever was a 79 (I was 15 CAP at the time). What stands out are the 27 putts, 11/14 FW's and 11 GIR's. I've never put a round like that together before that and haven't after. Knowing me, everything will come together after posting season.
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