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  • BC7BC7 Members Posts: 302 ✭✭
    I got iliac Golf leather head covers for Fathers Day and I must say they are really nice.
  • Theberge43Theberge43 First round with my Jujus : 74 ! Members Posts: 115
    Converted to Jujus !
  • siegler2siegler2 Members Posts: 94
    I tried to pull of using a sock once, but my buddies wouldn't play with me until I got rid of it. They charge too much for headcovers IMHO.
  • RickKimbrellRickKimbrell Members Posts: 1,504 ✭✭
    I have a Titleist staff bag and I don't like pompom covers, don't like advertising what driver I have so someone can steal it, and don't like animal covers. I bought a set of Club Glove head covers that are a perfect color match for my staff bag. They zip and offer great protection. Of course, it is getting time to replace the bag so who knows what I will end up with next.
  • ciddyboy7ciddyboy7 Members Posts: 1,004 ✭✭
    All are Duke Blue Devil mascots except putter and hybrid. They are OEm
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  • kg4everkg4ever another miss hit T.T Members Posts: 717
    mother in law is making me a set of pom pom with skull and cross bones on it from driver to 2 hybrids. pretty much it will be all i gonna use for next season.

    well, maybe i will get a horned diablo headcover for octane......
  • CassinoNorthCassinoNorth Recovering club ho Members Posts: 1,329
    Debating this alot lately.

    Don't really want pom poms, though I like them on some bags...not for me.

    My 3w cover has to go. it's beat to **** as it's almost 10 years old by now. I'm a huge Devils fan so this would be cool


    But I kinda like the generic TM headcover as well


  • sublimegolfsublimegolf Members Posts: 332 ✭✭
    My OCD requires me to match everything. I'm not a fan of Poms but I do like tassels. I ordered this one from Jan Craig. I don't have Mizuno woods or hybrid but I like their covers, plus they match my color scheme. image/biggrin.gif' class='bbc_emoticon' alt=':D' />
    [font=helvetica, arial, sans-serif]Rogue Sub Zero HZRDUS Yellow[/font]
    [font="helvetica, arial, sans-serif"]ST180 17*[/font]
    [font="helvetica, arial, sans-serif"]U65 Miyazaki 7[/font]
    [font=helvetica, arial, sans-serif]P790 950gh[/font]
    [font=helvetica, arial, sans-serif]MD4 54*[/font]
    [font=helvetica, arial, sans-serif]MDF 58*[/font]
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  • BOOTJEBOOTJE Members Posts: 43
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    Pompom headcovers aren't that popular here in The Netherlands, thats why a friend of mine started a company making these and selling them here in The Netherlands. There called GOLFSOX. They manufacture a variety of color combinations or you can customize your own color combo, with or without a custom logo. The one shown below is for our team and has our club logo on it. I'll post a picture of a headcover on my driver soon. Hope like it, check it out on [url="http://www.golfsox.nl/"]GOLFSOX[/url]

  • sublimegolfsublimegolf Members Posts: 332 ✭✭
    That looks like a pom to me... ???
    [font=helvetica, arial, sans-serif]Rogue Sub Zero HZRDUS Yellow[/font]
    [font="helvetica, arial, sans-serif"]ST180 17*[/font]
    [font="helvetica, arial, sans-serif"]U65 Miyazaki 7[/font]
    [font=helvetica, arial, sans-serif]P790 950gh[/font]
    [font=helvetica, arial, sans-serif]MD4 54*[/font]
    [font=helvetica, arial, sans-serif]MDF 58*[/font]
    [font=helvetica, arial, sans-serif]O-Works #7[/font]
  • BOOTJEBOOTJE Members Posts: 43
    Yes it does, but RT and Juju's aren't sold here very much. I don't know any stockists here that sell them.

  • JackpotScottyJackpotScotty Members Posts: 146
    Ive been gaming my Sergio Garcia Bull for a while now, and I love it
  • mudfishmudfish Members Posts: 204 ✭✭
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    Sumi-G that I won on another golf site in a contest...

  • 5249matt5249matt Members Posts: 113
    I definitely got to go with a character/stuffed animal unless the OEM headcover is a classic
  • slide13slide13 Members Posts: 1,330 ✭✭

    Crappy cell phone pic for now, but I've been using these Rocket Tour headcovers for a few weeks now and I have to say I really like them. They are expensive, and honestly I almost decided not to keep them as I found the driver cover a little tight and hard to get back on, but after a few weeks it has gotten easier and I just love the look. I don't think I could go back to branded headcovers. Between that and finally getting my plain black AM&E snap-fit putter cover I'm pretty happy with setup. I do wish the Rocket Tours didn't have the big logo down the covers....but I can live with it.
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  • JavmanxJavmanx Members Posts: 88
    I like the knit ones, but i dont want to spend money and i use the ones that i get with my clubs image/wink.gif' class='bbc_emoticon' alt=';)' />
  • Pitch'n'PuttPitch'n'Putt Members Posts: 190
    Currently I have A factory cover on my G15, which I am going to replace with something else because it is a total pain to take off and put on. I have a headcover from JB's Margaritaville Key West restaurant on my 3w and an oldschool Ping 5 wood cover on my 20* hybrid. Currently no cover for my putter.
  • DannyAndersonMNDannyAndersonMN DannyAndersonMN Members Posts: 190 ✭✭
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    For all of you out there that like Pom Pom covers here is another place to look, and you can get some sweet colors too. They also customize.


    Going to get three of them the colors will be lime green, silver, and white!
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  • briankbartbriankbart Members Posts: 134 ✭✭
  • JDFishJDFish Pickerington, OhioMembers Posts: 875 ✭✭
    My new set of Ju Ju headcovers:

    Callaway Epic 9.0 Fujikura Atmos Black TS 6S
    Callaway XR Pro 3 wood
    Callaway XR 5 wood/Titleist 913H 21* hybrid
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  • BOOTJEBOOTJE Members Posts: 43
    Better late then never...

  • mglynn10mglynn10 Members Posts: 280 ✭✭
    huge fan of iliac covers
  • IsleOfManIsleOfMan Members Posts: 2,309 ✭✭
    I currently game a Daly Lion (don't particularly care for Daly, but love the lion) on my Driver, yellow/black Stealth Neoprene on my 5-wood and 4-hybrid, and a plain black AM&E with Georgia Tech "GT" logo ironed on... all of the above pretty well match my plain black/white circa-2002 Titleist stand bag with 4" Georgia Tech logo ironed on the ball pocket. Also have beige Club Glove neoprene iron covers, but those are more of a holdover that doesn't clash than purposefully matched.

    PR_35574.jpg yellow-1-3-5-WB.jpg $(KGrHqV,!i0E6I+8+lNTBOldkGD+UQ~~60_12.JPG

    Christmas I'm getting an Orlimar SDX USA 14-way stand bag and I plan on matching some new headcovers to it. I'll keep the Daly Lion, but I'm hoping my mom or one of her crafty friends will be able to replace the yellow/green/red/blue yarn in the lion's mayne with red/white/blue... it's a long shot, but here's to hoping. For the 5-wood and 4-hybrid I'll go with Callaway Chevron (no "Callaway" name) pom headcovers in red/white and a generic Scotty/AM&E style USA/Flag putter cover from eBay. For the irons I'm going to try some of the inexpensive Chinese "window" neoprene covers in a mix of red/white/blue.

    1017367-aaf.jpg $(KGrHqUOKiME3FSmp6TkBNzF93V+Yw~~_12.JPG $(KGrHqR,!kwE4p9410zsBOV0Lg,CLg~~60_12.JPG $(KGrHqUOKisE4riIyU5fBOWVuQEfiw~~60_3.JPG

    One thing I've not decided on might get me frowned upon around here, but my chipping is currently horrible so, for the time being, I'm gaming a no-name component built 37* chipper built from spare parts. In the car or at home I keep a spare unbranded hybrid cover on it, but at the course it's the one club I don't cover after each shot. If it stays in the bag (I'm pretty happy with the results and don't miss the 3i or 3w I would carry instead), I'm thinking I'll go with the same generic Scotty/AM&E style USA/Flag putter cover, but in red instead of white. Thoughts?

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  • CBedoCBedo Members Posts: 266
    Labrador Retriever with a golf ball in his mouth on my driver (I have a golf ball stealing lab at home). OEM covers on the rest, although, I'm always on the lookout for for something else.
  • Seve0992Seve0992 Members Posts: 200 ✭✭
    I simply prefer something with some personal relevant meaning. Possibly an animal related to a nickname, a favorite sports team, or something unique like a genuine leather cover. I have alot of stock OEM covers I use but have no affection for them. I just can't hardly use a different OEM cover on another OEM club... mental block.
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  • freehbfreehb Members Posts: 839
    All of the above, anything that is cool!
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  • M.C.H.M.C.H. Members Posts: 400
    I use old tube socks.
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  • esketoresesketores Members Posts: 2,069
    Skins leather on the driver, 4 wood and ole 19 degree TaylorMade Raylor (The skins are at least five years old. And one or two might be pushing 10.)

    Some real nice pom-poms on the Titleist 910 hybrids (new this year bought off the internet and very very nicely made (USA))

    And the putter cover is a Snap-Fit from AM & E. And I can only shake my head in amazement at the lack of internet prowess the company shows.
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  • Tee Time!Tee Time! Members Posts: 398
    Pom Pom all the way
  • golfingchuckgolfingchuck My Thriver is 2* open at address Lefty Boomers Posts: 1,918
    I have Rocket Tour Pom Pom for my driver and matching tassel for my 3 wood
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