Ping G400 Driver, Fairway Woods and Crossovers (Including Bubba's Custom Driver and 3 Wood): Shot at

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  • Nice, G meets Anser. And made this gorgeous piece of work.
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    Appearance is very evolutionary (no surprise). I'm curious to learn about the tech. My understanding is Ping thinks this has the chance to be as successful at retail as the G30. It would have to be special under the hood to achieve that.
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    Not a huge ping fan, but these look awesome. Definitely want to give those fairways a try and possibly the driver. Even the driving iron looks nice. These are awesome to say the least.
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    I'm going all Ping 2017
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    Nice! I am curious about stock shaft offerings...
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    Regular driver looks great. That pink and black monster Bubba seems to be using is ugly tho
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    I'll be picking one up. Waiting to hear if they will still digitally loft so I can get one identical to my G. Like the face shape, my miss is high toe, and like that adaptor didn't change seeing I have 5-6 shafts already.
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    M1 440 going to BST shortly... when are these available again?
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    Just finished meeting with rep. All of it looks awesome
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    Sniperman wrote:

    M1 440 going to BST shortly... when are these available again?

    Fitting/demo stuff July 10, in hands and stores July 27
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    They look good, but I'm not sure I want that much stuff going on with the crown of the driver. IT's a bit distracting IMO. But if it works who really cares.

    The driving iron in particular looks awesome. The rest of the clubs, specifically the bottoms, look sleek and a nice step forward from the G and G30 with the blue. Really like the all black look.

    Interested to see what new tech is in there.
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    Sniperman wrote:

    M1 440 going to BST shortly... when are these available again?

    Fitting/demo stuff July 10, in hands and stores July 27

    I need to go ahead and send in my preorder. LS 10* digitally lofted at 10* with a square FA. Then whatever midish launch low spin shaft I can add to it (if not the Rogue will be waiting).
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    Well, I was thinking about picking up a G driver when the price drops...but this looks rather nice.

    Also, going off the looks alone, it looks like Ping's produced some good fairway woods and hybrids again.

    The driving iron has "Crossover" faintly etched on the back and G400 on the hosel. What's with that? It looks like the normal crossover, just with a different finish.
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    Crossover looks SWEET.

    Still curious about the G400 irons...
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    Appearance is very evolutionary (no surprise). I'm curious to learn about the tech. My understanding is Ping thinks this has the chance to be as successful at retail as the G30. It would have to be special under the hood to achieve that.

    Agreed. Evolutionary not revolutionary like the G30 was to the G25. This (I hate to say it) is more of the same... G30 / G / G400 look relatively interchangeable. guess we'll see how they perform.
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    I like it a lot, but I just received my G LST from them (finally deal went through) and it works amazingly, would love to get the G400 but the G is working just fine...
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    The bubba version looks best of all the previous bubba versions. I like a lot!
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    What's the size on this driver? Was hoping for a 440 ping
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    Really nice looking clubs. Looking forward to hitting these.
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    Looks good. Now if they just provide a little more performance and same great forgiveness. Might need a driver, fairway and hybrid.
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    Glad to hear they tuned the sound.
  • crazyraycrazyray #TIGERCOMEBACK18 Members Posts: 379 ✭✭
    445cc... some have reported 440

    Apparently they claim the head is so aerodynamic that the equivalent in the G30 head would have had to been built sub 300cc
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    G30 to G wasn't a huge sales upgrade for Ping

    This will be a big one

    Modified shape on sole and continued use of dragonfly and turbulators to get 2 more MPH *BALLSPEED
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    I am a Ping Guy, love the shape of the new driver.

    I have the G driver now, at address, I never notice the turbulators and the dragonfly markings.

    The looks make me think that I could even hit a driver off the deck if needed.

    Look forward to see the shaft offerings.
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    Very very nice !!!
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    Very evolutionary changes. Looks very similar to the G series, but one that was married to a G15 series I guess. Liked the G series and blue accents better. Didn't like the G series at first but it grew on me so maybe this will. Wish Ping would pick an accent color and series name and stick with it though. Surprised there aren't many adjustment opportunities as I had heard that was going to be featured on this new series. I'll be curious to see them in action this weekend.
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    If the 400 stands for 400cc you can take my money right now.
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