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    ctmason_98 wrote:

    It almost makes me think sometimes people reach high levels in business golf despite being less competent than others.

    When I somehow manage to shoot a really good score on a really difficult course I am left thinking this same thing. With the minor edit that is.

    But yes, your reply is dead on. Many, many people end up in positions not because they are so much more awesome at doing whatever it is they are doing but simply because of who they know; not what you know but who train of thought. See it all of the time in public service.....
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    If I was another announcer I'd be scared he could possibly take my job. Natural delivery, course smarts, knows the players....Total Win.
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    I liked his story from last year, when an official told him to tell the players to speed it up and he blew the guy off.
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    They just seemed to sprinkle in him, Omera, and Leonard (???) randomly. Definitely needs to work on his delivery, which is expected as this kind of just happened a few weeks ago, but from what I heard from him definitely ready to here more. Would be an awesome on-course reporter.
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    Is good because he just came from the tour and knows all the pros and caddies. Check back in 10 years when he joins the rambling I remember when talking heads that pollute golf commentators today..
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    Terry Gold wrote:

    Not much for expectations and/but would have been disappointed if he was downright awful, but first go- around Bones is sooooo refreshing. Gives me what I want: Accurate, interesting, trustworthy and germane commentary, on everything from shot strategy to obscure insider perspective regarding a player's tendencies/etc. And last but not least, NO EGO.

    Most pleasant development of the year as far as televised golf goes.

    Oh, no, you didn't! OMG!! Here comes Ferguson!
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    He's off to a great start and certainly knows the field the game and the tour.

    One minor nit for me-- I prefer it when they refer to him as Jim (not his nickname). It just strikes me as too " too" for a network broadcast. But then again I don't like it when every NBA announcer refers to Greg Popivich as "Pop".
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