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After looking at Greller's notes on Jordan, I'm a little curious. What are the responsibilities of a tour caddie? What does he or she look for while walking the course? I know tons of yardages but what spots do they pic and why?


  • rorygilmore9rorygilmore9 Members Posts: 216 ✭✭
    Usually get yardages from sprinkler heads, landmarks, anything else they can
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    A tour caddy does what the player wants him to do....nothing more...nothing less.
  • warfelgwarfelg Members Posts: 441
    Looking at landing areas an where within them opens up the different pin locations, possible pin locations, trouble spots. Some of them look at where best drops would be, pre-plan what to do in case a drop is needed, figure out which holes are worth the risk which ones aren't,

    Some of those yardage books are so detailed anymore that they don't need to get the yardages, just checkout where everything is so they know where to step off from. Some of them are actually figuring out the yardage changes. For a major they might go a few different times to understand prevailing winds, green speeds, and the likes.
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