Junya Swings

Lets see ur swings!!!
image/pimp.gif' class='bbc_emoticon' alt=':birthday:' /> ]Just thought i can see some of these two iron whackin, driver smackin, Birdie lackin picture perfect swings][/b]


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    This aint no perfect swing by any means, if you ask me, this swing was pretty sloppy - I got the little bit of reverse weight shift taken care of, also, I need to work on minimizing hip turn on the way back.


    Follow Through - I had some tendinitus in my knee during the summer, but once I got that feeling a little better, I was able to hold that left foot (better seen in the next shot):


    This is a decent shot - keeping my head down, good extension, and hip turn:


    This is just a cool shot, similar to the last one, just iron, and an incredible view:


    Just a picture from the beginning of the year (oh god what Maine winters do to your skin tone!):


    - Bryan
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    Here is mine with a 4 iron. Does anyone know if you can attach videos?


    From behind at adress



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    tanj wrote on Jan 8 2006, 10:37 PM:

    Here is mine with a 4 iron. Does anyone know if you can attach videos?

    Hey cleveland, how do you put writing in between the photos like that?

    that range looks crazy, it looks like you are hitting off of grass, but its synthetic right?

    well im going to have to figure out how to put a video file on here.
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    Yeah it's synthetic. I hate the stuff because it catches the clubhead even on good hits but I get the range balls free at my dad's club so what the heck. They've opened the grass area now so I use that all the time.

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    tanj, You mean in-between photos right? If thats what you mean, then when you import the photos through GolfWRX, after you have selected your images, push the 'Add This Attachment', then it will load the pictures, and then I think right next to the photos, it will say something like add within post, select that and then you will in your reply box it will give you a combination like: 'Attachment 56325', that is the code for your picture, then you write the stuff inbetween - where you want it.

    Did that help?

    - Bryan
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    some pics, i realise its mostly set up and finish, but i figured what the hay

    pics with ocean are at Sandpiper, the 1 other is at Pga West stadium course. The one in-motion swing is the one where im at the top of my swing. That was a nice swing and perfectly parellel to the ground,i smoked that one. The follow through(first pic) is crappy, held up a 4 iron cuz i thought i had too much club. 223 straight down hill, i had no idea??? The other two followthroughs are pretty solid. setups are solid.
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    Had a warm front move in only for today with a high of 50*. So, I shoveled out a small portion in the backyard, and took a few hacks. Not my best swings, but not bad for being cooped up for a few weeks. Couldn't time the camera to catch me at or near impact though.

    A little after impact

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