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    Im incredibly jealous of your results. I really, really believe this comes down to the launch/speed profile of the player. For higher speed/spin players I think this set is likely a freaking godsend.

    I had the exact same issue with the CF16 irons - so it's not me crapping on the 790s. In fact I am meeting with a club builder this week to see if there's a shaft profile that might give me higher launch/spin to counteract my 790 issues. But I also have 760s right now, and find the distance management for me to be much better, I just like the feel of the 790s way better. I understand its a tradeoff with the construction.

    If you can work with the lighter weight try the Nippon 950s. I'm around the 105 driver s.s mark and using the off the shelf 950 in stiff albeit at +1". Great combo for me.

    I also had great success in the fitting with Shimada Constants which are similar, albeit a bit rare to find to demo.

    I tried the 790 in Nippon 950GH shafts at a demo day and wow. It was one demo and only about 10 shots with a 7 iron but they were really good. After having the 790 w/Modus 105 and not likeing them at all. They are in the running for 2019. The best I hit on that demo day were the 790 w/950 shafts and the PING G410.
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    I've been liking my UDI, but I might cut it down at least a half inch to an inch. Would help with gapping from my AP2 4 iron as well. Anyone cut their 790s shorter at all?
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    I've been liking my UDI, but I might cut it down at least a half inch to an inch. Would help with gapping from my AP2 4 iron as well. Anyone cut their 790s shorter at all?

    Just keep an eye on swingweight. The UDI's often come out light at standard length, so shortening could easily take them into the high C's swingweight range
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    Tilikum wrote:

    lefty1978 wrote:

    Received my custom p790 3 iron bent 1° strong to 18° from taylormade. Played 18 holes today..wow very impressed! Very long off the tee as a driving iron and easy to hit off the fairway. Probably most forgiving and long 3 iron/2 iron I've ever hit, ball rockets off the face.

    Thinking of getting one of these myself. Could you tell me how much it was? Also, why did you have it bent one degree stronger.

    I paid $173 with tax shipped from Taylormade. I had it bent to play as a 2 iron/driving iron, I have 3 iron in my mp54 set at 21°.
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    First round and range session in the books. My swing, right now, is almost as bad as Roy McAvoy's on the range before the first round of the US Open.....However

    Shot my best round of the year, while not saying much due to the fact it is only March and I had been plying like crap, it is still a sign for hope.

    As for the "mysterious" 20 yard bombs that "randomly" occur for some people I did not see anything remotely similar. I had to adjust to the fact that

    A. Temps were low Saturday morning

    B. These irons are at least a 1/2 club longer(almost same lofts) as my Srixon's

    Even with that, I never once saw the mysterious mashed shot. I hit 4 or 5 absolutely nut pure which ended up just past flag high. (I was guessing on how much farther than my Srixons these went, plus how much the cold damp weather was affecting them) and I hit a couple super thin, but they still ended up around flag high.

    One round is a small sample size, but I stayed on the range for an additional hour after eating some lunch and hit 90% of the shots with my irons and even though it was off the mats, I still never saw these miraculous murdered shots. I am a lower ball flight guy normally, and a high spin player, so maybe these fit the high spin players better than low or mid spin players and that is where these shots are coming from. However after talking to 5 players at my club that have the P790's and 4 are under a handicap of 3 and the other is a 6 not a single one of them mentioned flyer shots or trouble with distance control. That and based on my fitting are why I purchased, and so far I am really happy.
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    SteveL1 wrote:

    Anyone consider converting their 790’s to single length? I’m seriously considering testing with the 5 & 6 irons in my set. The concept makes perfect sense to me but not enough to commit to changing the whole set before testing. Interested if anyone has any experience with this.

    I didn't try for single length -- too many adjustments -- but I've created a modified set in which I use 1/4 inch gaps between irons. I'm a tall golfer and this lets me maintain the length in the short irons where I need it without the added length in the long irons where it just creates consistency problems. So my set is:

    5 iron = +0.0 over standard (37.75") SW D2

    6 iron = +1/4 over standard (37.50") SW D3.5

    7 iron = +1/2 over standard (37.25") SW D5

    8 iron = +3/4 over standard (37.00") SW D6.5

    9 iron = +1.0 over standard (36.75") SW D8

    P iron = +1.0 over standard (36.50") SW D8

    My distance gaps are normal, and I'm much more consistent with the longer irons, which are shorter and lighter than my previous standard (+1 inch). The only catch is that this setup produces ascending swing weights, but that is a plus not a minus for me. I like my clubs getting lighter as they get longer (same concept as AWT but with changes produced by headweight rather than shaft weight). Works great. I'll never go back to +1 length in longer irons. It honestly makes no sense and is a fitting issue (for taller golfers anyway) that the industry should start to address. Show me a guy playing +1 or longer lengths and I'll show you a guy who struggles to hit his long irons consistently -- or, at least a guy who could hit them MUCH more consistently with closer to standard lengths at that end of the bag.
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    I decided to use my tax break and get a set to try out. I am using CF-16's at the moment and figured I should compare the two and see what stays in the bag. Irons are still the one thing in the bag I seem to never figure out. After all the positive comments we'll see!

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    Have had my 790s since January and absolutely love them. Definitely agree on the flyer shots every now and then, but that is something I can deal with.

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    Still the best set of irons I have ever played in 30 plus years playing this crazy game.

    No fliers for me. Just solid distances that I rely on.

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    I may be playing a tournament first time out with them! That could be rough, but it could make it interesting as well.

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    Got mine today and did some chipping in the yard with the pw. It is very soft, and control is great. So far very pleased and will put them in play sat. Thinking of pulling my 5 and 6 hybrids for the 5 and 6 iron, but the hybrids are great clubs, not sure if this would be wise?

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    I picked up a set yesterday. A buddy of mine has been playing them for several months. I’ve always liked hitting his. Ready to go play today!!!

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    Played sat and these irons are very soft off the face. I was trying a new ball the AVX , and was getting great distance off everything. The 7 iron stood out as a real weapon. I need more time to get the 9 iron dialed in on chips. These are fun irons. i don't hit hard enough for fliers! LOL!

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    Just one month into mine at 1 deg flat in the KBS CTL.....still getting used to this shaft, but starting to realize this is a true distance iron.
    Primarily I have played 1-pc. forged MB lines - Honma & Callaway, and these P790s feel very good in comparisons on a flush for me shot.

    I got them in that shaft to just ease it up on an aging player :# .....My MBs sets prior (also had some Mizunos) were in shafts of 115g up to 128g.
    I always play a draw with my iron shots, and have seen no less curve using the TM vs. prior - I did keep the Razr MBs! :p

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