Srixon Tri Speed

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Srixon Tri Speed

The Srixon Tri Speed Balls' soft yet resilient construction, combined with the 333 dimple pattern produces excellent lift characteristics making it easy for golfers of all swing speeds to generate ideal trajectory for greater carry and distance.

  • Provides greater carry with exceptionally soft feel for players of all swing speeds
  • Highly resilient, advanced aerodynamics for greater carry and distance
  • Superb soft feel on all shots from tee to green
  • High trajectory aerodynamics make it easier to get the ball airborne



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    I tested this ball on the course the other day, and was not exactly impressed. I'm a Die-hard Z-URS fan. I know that this is a distance ball and not supposed to perform the same, but I could not get enough spin out of this to hold a green and the feel was kind of harsh. Not surprisingly, the distance gain is the same off the putter as the driver. This would be a better choice for a mid to slower swing speed player that needs help controlling spin. Ball was very durable and I like the stampings, as the side stamp is useful for lining up putts, but there are better choices for mid range balls.
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    I like these balls. A lot. They are very, very long off the driver. And, for a distance ball, they are soft and long off the irons. You hardly know you've hit them when you hit them right. They are good around the green though not special and hard to spin but they feel nice on the wedges and putter. In the $20-$25 per dozen range, there isn't a better ball.
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    In my opinion this Srixon ball is a secret waiting to get out. I picked up a dozen on a trip to Myrtle Beach and loved them so much I pick up another dozen before leaving to go home at the end of my trip. Continued to use them into the summer. The only problem I have is I can't buy them anywhere near my home (thus the reason for grabbing an extra box before leaving MB) so I have to pick them up when away on vacation or shopping trips with my family.

    For me the ball flies a long way from the tee but able to play a very good short game around the greens with this ball. I also found the markings useful when putting and it rolled very well. May not be in the class as the performance balls but for a mid-priced ball, it plays with the best of them.

    You can keep your Pro v's I'll play my Srixon's.
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    Great ball - play with it yesterday and shot one of my lowest scores. It's very similar in distance with the Bridgestone e6+ but it's a lot softer ball. I will be playing with these from now on....
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    I have played this ball most of this year and like it a lot. I have a high school friend who owns a golf shop and he is a Srixon dealer, so I got a great deal on three dozen of these. It is true that it is not the highest spinning ball around the green, but I really like that aspect off the driver, where I need more help than around the greens. It is very durable also, which I like
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    Gotta be the best ball for the money. Gaps in performance compared to premium balls is very negligible, and unless you are a competitive golfer, there really is no reason to buy anything else.
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    Use the Srixon tri speed tour. For the price, it's great. Cover is a bit scuffable. Feels nice off the irons and woods, not squishy. Good distance not overly tremendous, again decent. Putts pretty well, nice alignment markings. on irons in it releases further than a great 3 piece ball like prov or b330(?)...too bad they stopped making them.
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    I thought Srixon discontinued the ball last year but I've been buying them at Dick's since last November.
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    I Just bought 4 boxes of the TRIspeed TOUR @ DICKS while in States ......35 bucks for 2 boxes ...good value good balls
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    Currently Dicks is having a golf promotion. Buy 2 dozen, get one free.

    I just got 6 boxes of the Trispeed Tours for $11 a box.

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