SAM Fitting After Purchasing Putter

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Has anyone done a SAM fitting after purchasing a putter and what did you think? I'm really intrigued by the EVNroll putters but none of the SAM labs around me offer them.

I'm considering going to the PGASS, rolling a bunch of them, then buying the one I like best before getting a SAM fitting. Thoughts?


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    Very interesting question. I went to a SAM lab and was able to compare my gamer with a ping tyne and odyssey #7. The tyne showed the best stroke numbers, the #7 the worst. It was surprising how much different those two putters were even though they're basically the same style putter. The tyne was better than my gamer numbers-wise. My gamer is still a better putter for me basically because of my confidence in it and because head to head my gamer beat the tyne (actual putts made).

    So SAM puttlab can show what "should" be a better performing putter but putts made, head to head will still prove to be what "is" a better performing putter.

    All that said, if you're dead set on an evnroll then go putt with them and find the one that feels the best. Maybe go to SAM to determine what style of putter would suit you best so you have an idea of what should vs does perform best. If SAM shows your stroke to just be crap and inconsistent them maybe you go more toward a forgiving, high moi putter. If SAM shows you're a good putter, consistency numbers are solid and your path isn't all jacked up then any putter and you just need the best feeling and performing. You'll know the one when you feel her up and she putts it in the hole.

    If SAM shows you're a crappy putter then a certain style putter isn't goimg to magically make your stroke look like Loren Roberts.
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    I would go to SAM lab first to get results based upon different putter types in general, then find the evnroll that best matches that type (assuming SAM lab had putters of different styles to try).
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    Evnroll will let you buy and try as long as you return them within about 10 days in the new condition. Call and ask for Travis, he is great. I bought 4 putters from them earlier this year to get fit on Sam with, and it was no issue.
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