Matrix OZIK MFS M4 or M3 BLACK TIE vs Fujikura Motore Speeder 757 vs Ping Tour 80

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I'm needing some WRX knowledge on the above shafts.

I am currently playing the Ping Tour 80 in an xflex in my G LST driver. My swing speed is 105 to 110 with a quick transition. I've cut it down to 44.5 and am enjoying the tighter dispersion but am not in love with the feel, it feels a little dead to me. I was playing the Ping tour in 65 stiff before but a hook would come in to play to often with my quick transition.

I'm interested in some feed back on the Matrix M4 or M3 black tie and the Speeder 757 in comparison to the tour 80. I'm also going back an forth on if I should go lighter in any of the 4 shafts. I think the added weight helps me keep my swing in more control but am also wondering if it's the reason the 80 feels a little dead. I know the M4 black tie and Speeder are older shafts but I've found some really great deals on them and I'm not looking to spend a fortune on anything new.

Thanks in advance for your feed back.


  • Swopes30Swopes30 Swopes30 Members Posts: 13 ✭✭
    Anybody able to help out with their opinion on these shafts?
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    I've been playing the Matrix Ozik HD Black Tie 5m3 for quite some time now. Absolutely love the stability. Low ball flight. I've used it in the 915, 916 and GBB Epic. I personally haven't found a better shaft if you like a stiff feel. Light weight but they come in many weights indicated by the first number. 5 50g, 6 60g etc.

    They've come out with the M4 version so the M3 seems to be easy to find on Ebay.
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    You just pumped some air into an old thread lol!!

    Just to keep it going - I have a Black Tie 6M3 and a 5M4 in X Flex for my Ping G. Both great shafts - I find the 5M4 a little softer in flex but both of them give me a nice low ball flight. I did have the Ping Tour 65 in an X Flex but found it to be too boardy for my liking. I swing smoothly at 105mph and went with X Flexes for the stability. The 6M3 and 5M4 are great low spin/low ball flight shafts.
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