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Anyone else have to or prefer to golf alone because friends can’t play with you? I’m a bit older now, mid 30’s, and a lot of my friends have kids and work and we aren’t ever able to get together to play. Well a few months back I ran into an old friend from years ago and it turns out he plays a lot. I started playing with him and he is very good.....but he has no personality and drives the cart like a mad man and I just plain don’t enjoy spending my day with the guy. I’ve been playing with him because I really have no one else to play with, but after today I’m done and I’m going to try playing alone....hopefully i get paired with randoms that are somewhat cool.

What’s everyone’s thoughts on playin alone and do some prefer it?


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    Since getting out of the Bar tending game last year and hence can no longer play during the day with my industry buddies mid week , I've played by myself (or paired with randoms) more this year than any other.

    While sometimes it's great to go out and have a day, I've definitely taken to really enjoying walking twilight rounds by myself. Although you do run a higher risk of holing out when no one is around......

    Restaurant work definitely offers the best schedule for the non independently wealthy golf enthusiast

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    I play by myself most of the time. I am able to play midweek and there is often no one else to play with. I don't mind playing by myself. I can use the time to hit a couple (or a lot) of extra practice shots if I want, too.

    However, I've noticed that I play much better when I am playing with others. When I am by myself I tinker with things and end up overthinking a lot of shots and situations. I have scored my best when I have been playing with others, people that I know and am comfortable with. When I'm hanging with them I don't really overthink my golf stuff.
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    I prefer to play alone or with friends. I will book ahead of a twosome to get my solo slot. My game is my game - Headphones on, coffee ready.

    Solo is a great way to make some aggressive play or work your way through the bag, letting the feel of the day decide how you get around the course. No one to give you a sideways glance.

    I've met some super people at courses by being a regular. Some of the match ups have resulted in many good times. You will find this as well.

    The friends I game with at two courses were met at those golf courses. Introductions by other players, mutual friends. Keep in mind that golf is enjoyably social by nature. Be open and enjoy yourself.
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    I try to play at most 9 holes alone. And focus on rountine and technique than score because im not playing with anyone and i can truly focus on those aspects of the game on the course when normally you can practice on the range.

    When a course pairs me up randoms, i i playing to make as many birdies as possible; driver every par 4 and 5, fire at pin, and gun every putt. I dont care what i shoot. My goal in this round is to control frustration and pleasure in post shot routine and make some birdies.
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    I do it all the time. Usually just to decompress from a long day, sometimes I'll bring my husky with me (she loves it!)

    When I was younger I'd play by myself but I'd hit a few balls pretending to be Different players. One time it was Tiger, Phil, and I battling for the Masters and Phil broke my heart when he accidentally chipped in on the first playoff hole hole to win.
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    I enjoy playing alone. I walk at a brisk pace, carrying a minimalist kit of 5-7 clubs. I've played the best golf of my life in the last few years, mostly solo. It's true, what someone stated, YOU WILL get an ace, playing alone, and no one will witness it. Happened to me three years ago.

    But, look on the bright side, you know you got an ace, and no huge bar tab.

    Playing solo has it other advantages. Golf when you want to, and can. Unless you're paired up, which can be good too, it's just you and the course. No distractions or conversation, just concentrate on golf.

    Play well, solo or otherwise.
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    Never understood solo play.

    I so much enjoy the company of others when playing golf. Not for the competition, but just for the interaction. The world is full of interesting people.
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    Ferguson wrote:

    Never understood solo play.

    I agree.


    I've played solo many times, especially while traveling, but much prefer a group.

    Perhaps my favorite part of this ridiculous sport is the competition aspect. How can you win a skin or a Nassau by yourself?

    For me, the banter, bitching and ballbusting are all key parts of a fun filled round.

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    I enjoy playing with others. However, several times during the summer, fall, I will take a vacation day and play alone as well, to try something new, which also includes hitting some extra golf balls per shot, such as the pros do if you've followed them on a practice round. I wouldn't want to hold anyone else up while doing that out of courtesy. I can learn a lot by doing that which is valuable to me. It also helps me to learn to re-play from different areas of each hole along the way that I'm not used to playing from, such as the center of each fairway image/taunt.gif' class='bbc_emoticon' alt=':taunt:' />
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    This year I've played like 30-40% of my golf solo, previous years it was more but I was in several leagues and a lot of tournaments. I enjoyed the mix this year; I have more fun playing with other people but walking by myself is more relaxing and also lets me practice and improve more.
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    Enjoy playing at golf with friends or others that I may get linked up with (most of the time). The banter, conversation, the chatter. Some friendly competition that doesn't necessarily entail 'gaming' one another. An often important component of why we play. Shared fellowship.

    But there are other times. When I prefer to play alone. The only competition is myself against the golf course, not against any other player. No running conversations that may prove to be a distraction. Save for the one occurring in my mind. On a day when the course may not be all that crowded. The sound of quiet. But its not really, because you hear things amongst your surroundings. Sounds that you typically don't hear when playing with others. Can settle into a pace that fits my purpose, unhindered by respectfully waiting for others to hit. Work on some swing things, drop another ball if I want to, try a different shot if I feel like it. Usually do not even bother keeping score.

    Golf is one of the few recreational activities that one can perform solo. Not needing anyone else to enable participation. Grown to a point where I look forward to the opportunity to engage in a solo round periodically. Its relaxing. A no pressure way to find additional enjoyment in the pursuit.
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    I enjoy walking alone, I guess mainly like being able to focus, plan my next shot etc...and my regular "morning group" is much older than I (38), as they are 55+ Not saying I don't have fun, but 4 hours of talk about things that really don't include me just end up taking me outta my element, more of a social escape for them (same tee-time sat-sun 7:09, for last 10 years), and don't care about what they score (which is fine) but I do like to try to better myself on course and find it little more difficult. Either way I'm just happy to be at course.

    That being said, 50% the time I go out alone, I usually meet up with another single in same mind state and have a great time and enjoy their company. Not often have I had to split because "wifey needs me home". My club is full of grinders, which can be intimidating as a mid-high single; but also can learn something from the guy who plays almost everyday on his own, as his agenda is to maintain his scratch status I assume, can be beneficial so long as I don't ask any questions, just watch and listen.

    **what will suck is I'll get my ace when
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    To me, there are several different versions of golf: You alone against the course, social golf, friendly competition golf, tournament golf, etc. They're all very different to me and I enjoy them all.

    I play alone most of the time, mostly because I've never enjoyed trying to coordinate a group to get together for anything. I want as much flexibility in my schedule as possible. One of the things I like about golf is that it's a game you CAN play by yourself. If you're unable to round up anyone else, you can still go play.
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    Most of the times I would prefer to play with friends but since I golf so often that just isn't possible. Maybe 6 or 7 times a month I get to play a round with friends and the other 15'ish rounds are as a single pairing up with usually a twosome. I don't mind being paired with randoms and the very large majority of the time it's a good experience. Very occasionally I prefer a round alone which is nice for a change but then I prefer to go back to being paired up with randoms/playing a round with friends.

    You also might find you have better luck with compatible pairings at certain courses. For me playing courses like Ravens Claw, Bella Vista, Heron Glen, Broad Run or Makefield Highlands seems to increase the chances that I will be paired with some guys that can get around the course in a reasonable amount of strokes and have a good time doing it. Courses that don't have a starter can sometimes be a bit painful.
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    Having joined a club for the first time this year, I've played solo more than ever before. I've also played a lot more golf than ever before. I work from home 3 days a week, so when I'm ahead of schedule on a project (which is more often than not), or when our QA department is dragging their way through testing (which is always), I'll slip out for 9 holes mid-day.

    Especially now, there's not a lot of traffic on the course in the middle of the day, so I can get in 9 holes in a bit over an hour, a bit longer depending on how I'm playing it. I'll often play two balls, try a couple different approach shots, etc.. Great opportunity to work on stuff and experiment.

    That being said, overall I prefer playing with others. I play at least two rounds a week with my wife, sometimes just us, sometimes with others. We've also got a group of half a dozen of us that get together a foursome once or twice a week. Myself and another guy are almost always there, the other two slots filled by whoever's available. We've all known each other back to grade school, so it makes for a good time.
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    I love to go out and practice alone. I like the solitude and being able to just do what I want.

    I absolutely can not take a real round of golf seriously if I'm alone though. Don't care for it at all. Like other have said I enjoy the company sometimes as much or more than the actual golf. But it's also like I feel I need a witness in order to keep myself accountable. I'll play with almost anyone, rather than playing alone.
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    I think it's interesting how we are all different in this context. I know some people love it, but it's not for me. In fact, I cannot even remember a single time teeing it up alone over the past 20+ years of playing the game. It doesn't even cross my mind to go out there by myself. I think the thing I enjoy most about golf is the competition combined with the camaraderie, socialization, and associated banter.

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    I play alone more often than not because I simply don't know that many people that play. On a few occasions I will get out with my father-in-law or a few of the guys that golf at work, but that is certainly not as often as I would like
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    I'm perfectly fine with De La Soul golf - me myself and I. Spent most of this season winning 1-man tournaments all over town.

    Prefer groups of friends but if schedules don't match up, no problem at all with solo golf.
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    I enjoy playing with my normal group of 12-15 guys, but do enjoy the solitude of playing alone. I have a pretty stressful job and sometimes the solitude just helps me to decompress. My wife even encourages it sometimes when she sees the effect it has. I also love to play during the winter months ( Michigan) and don't often find to many other willing partners. It's a nice walk.....
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    If i play alone I'll stick to 9 holes late in the day. Also go to a course a lol more in the sticks. Don't see as many people and it let's me take extra shots. If I hit a bad shot I'll try again. Or hit a few extra shots around the green. I'll score off of my first ball and pick up my extra shot balls. Honestly my best scores are when I play by myself. I'm able to focus on my game at my pace. I enjoy playing with my buddies on the weekend but I feel like all the waiting gets to me a lil on a busy course.
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    gripandrip wrote:

    I enjoy playing with my normal group of 12-15 guys, but do enjoy the solitude of playing alone. I have a pretty stressful job and sometimes the solitude just helps me to decompress. My wife even encourages it sometimes when she sees the effect it has. I also love to play during the winter months ( Michigan) and don't often find to many other willing partners. It's a nice walk.....

    I'll second this. On particularly stressful days, I may not quite be myself at the house and my wife will "suggest " I sneak on the course for a few holes. I typically feel like a new man when I get back to the house. Its also healthier for my liver than the other alternative.

    If you don't have any other golfers pressing you, I've found that playing solo is really a great opportunity to work on those 20-80 yard pitch shots. It's very difficult to find a practice facility that has an area like this with a wuality green/terrain etc
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    Chadwickog wrote:

    I play alone more often than not because I simply don't know that many people that play. On a few occasions I will get out with my father-in-law or a few of the guys that golf at work, but that is certainly not as often as I would like

    Go to your club or course and ask one of the pros if there is a twosome or threesome looking for an extra guy.

    I did this once when my buddies were out of town. I met and played with two guys - complete strangers. We had a great time.

    We're close friends now and those two guys ended up melding into our regular group.
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    I play with a regular group on Saturday mornings, and enjoy that. However, I play a LOT of solo golf, and have always loved it. Most weeknights I walk nine holes after work by myself, finishing in the dark. I find that very relaxing.
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    I play 80% of my rounds alone just simply because I’m traveling most of the time and don’t know anyone. I would prefer to not be matched up with groups at the course as well. I won’t play if I can’t go out as a single. Now I have grouped up three separate times with other guys and I had a good time but I would just much rather play alone. I work on my game at my pace and I feel like I’ve accomplished much more when it’s just me. My best rounds have all been alone as I focus much more.

    Now when I’m home, I will not play alone at all. I want to be out there with my original group or my dad and enjoy the competition and drinks with friends!
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    I'll play anytime, anywhere, any place, and with anyone or by myself.The only thing I won't do is play in a fivesome or with a a$$hole.
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    First off, wonderful name OP. On topic though, I'm fortunate enough to work at a rural public course and further fortunate enough to get free golf which I usually get in during the evening when the course is quiet. For me, nothing beats a beautiful evening with no competition all at no cost.
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    I prefer to play alone but in my area the courses are generally so busy that it rarely happens. It's tough for me to get out during weekday afternoons or early evenings in the summer. Occasionally I'll walk on as a single and catch up to another single or twosome and join up but that's definitely 3rd on my list of preferences because (1) I'm an introvert and (2) I'm not very good (18HCP). I know the other people in my group don't care what I shoot but at my level of play, it is something that's in the back on my mind. There's a >0% chance that I'm going to have some UGLY shots and I don't want my playing partners to get off their game because of it.

    I normally play a foursome on the weekends with a rotating group of 6-8 friends and although it is enjoyable and I have fun, most of the time I'd rather play by myself.
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  • gretchgretch  806WRX Points: 2Members Posts: 806 Golden Tee
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    I play by myself at least once a week, although I never play actual legitimate golf when doing so. I simply do not see much point in it as it is not the same as playing with/against others when it matters, and I think this time is much better spent on practice.

    My two favorite games to play are either worst ball(two from everywhere taking the worst), or hit 'til Im happy and wont leave any hole until I birdie or better. Usually this is just a matter of getting on the green in any kind of ok position with 0-2 extra shots getting there and then not leaving until I drop the putt, but lots of great practice opportunities on approach shots, or tough driving holes as well.

    Back to the worst ball game....this is actually also a great game if you have a gambling buddy of similar skill level to play a little skins game with. "Nice shot, let's see it again". Those little 4-5 foot sliding putts are ridiculously hard to make two of. It is a fantastic game for exercising your mind. We play it kind of brutal also as far as lies. You have to replicate the lie you had good or bad on your second shot. So if you are in the shiat somewhere with a stick in the way, and you break or lose the stick hitting the first ball out, your opponent will be more than happy helping you find a new stick to put in your way......

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