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e5+ or e6+
I have decided to switch to the Bridgestone e series because Pro V1's are making a serious hit on my bank account. I have a 10 handicap and am a pretty straight and long hitter. I was wondering with ball you guys play and which one you would recommend for me.


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    new e5+ is one of the best mid-price balls out there, if not ever made. 330 dimple pattern from Tour series, nearly as long, pretty soft, and spins! I think if used to V1, only way to go is e5+...the 6 is for slicers. GG has Cally HX Tours for $32/doz, with $5 off that through Sunday (?), try those @ $28 a dozen that's pretty unbelievable...good luck.
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    Why not just use the NXT Tours? Unless you are a pro there is no difference with the Pro V.
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    I switched from the v1x to the e5+ and I haven't noticed any difference in performance. Maybe a little feel loss on the putter but that's it. It is a fantastic ball.
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    I love bridgestone balls. There isn't a straighter ball out there than the e6+, and the e5+ is a great ball as well. However, if you're looking for a preimium ball, you could always try the HX tour and TM TP Red/Black from last year. I grabbed a new HX tour out of the bag yesterday when I was playing and I was probably a half club longer. I had forgotten how those really take off for me on the irons. I don't know how, but I hit them further than HX Hot balls. Great touch on them near the green too. That said, I'd never pay full price for them. I'm still playing with ones that I won in a tournament last summer. If I had to shell out money for new balls, like I said, I'd play premium balls from the previus year that have done on sale, or the Bridgestone e5/6. Best round I've ever shot (76 on a par 72) was with an E6. The ball went dead straight all day and it still felt great on and around the greens.

    As soon as I run out of the leftover TP Red and HX Tour balls that I have, I'll probably be going back to the E5/6 balls.
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    I switched from the PRO V to the E5+, the E5 has plenty of spin around the greens, almost as much as the Pro V. Spins as much on the irons IMO, but may also spin a little more on the driver. If you are a high spin driver player I would be careful of that, or go with a lower spin shaft. E5's are great balls but I would be wary if you are a real long hitter that already hits a high ball with spin, if you are a weak a** middle aged guy like me they are great.

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  • Just played my first round with the e6+. I used the HX Hot all last year and only played part of 1 round last year [2 holes] with last years e6.

    The e6+ was great. I was surprised at how far the ball was off the driver. I thought the Hot last year was the longest ball I had ever hit and this was just as good. On mis hits off the tee the ball would slowly bend instead of taking off. On one shot I could feel how bad my tee shot was off the toe, the club almost twisted in my hands and the result was a slow draw in the fairway out around 250yds.

    Shots into the green stopped on a dime [wedges up to the 5 iron and an 18* hybrid] and my greenside chips rolled out as I expected they would, but they felt super soft off the face of the club which is in stark contrast to the uber clicky feel the hot gives you.

    I'm going to keep using the e6+ all year.
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    The Bridgestone Challenge TV commercials where one guy claims the E5 gave him 19 more yards on his drives! True or not true?
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    I have tried just about every ball now in the last few months. I REFUSE to pay the price of the Pro V's. I played some and then went to TM Red, TM burner TP, and the NXT TOURS. I read the Golf Mag review of balls and the +5 numbers stood out to me. I played for the first time with it Saturday and I HAVE FOUND MY BALL. The spin for me was as good as the ProV and TM red, more control around the greens then the TM burner TP and NXT tour, and I couldn't tell the difference in spin over the ProV and TM red. The distance was great and played with the same ball the whole round. AND actually off the wedge in the GOlf Mag test the +5 had more spin then the Pro V. Not to mention I got them for $20 a dozen..... I AM SOLD
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    t.bahama wrote on Apr 4 2008, 10:07 PM:
    Why not just use the NXT Tours? Unless you are a pro there is no difference with the Pro V.

    Negative! They are totally different balls.

    On topic: Go with the e5+ if you are use to the ProV1. The e6 is great an all but you get better spin and touch out of the e5+. You already said that you hit the ball straight... no need to buy the e6.. but wait.. if you hit the ball straight than where are your ProV1's disappearing to? image/shok.gif' class='bbc_emoticon' alt=':wacko:' />
  • I've never made a concerted effort to keep track of my driving distance. I did in this round I mentioned above and I was around 275-280 with unmowed fairway grass and little roll, on average. I don't know how that compares with how long I hit the hx hot off the tee last season, but my approach yardages were consistant with what I played last year.

    I personally prefer the drop and stop on the approaches,...I'm not at a point where I would want to try and hit past a hole expecting the ball to suck back. My game is at a point where if I hit it straight and it hits the green and stops,...I'm good.

    e6+ helps me do that. e5+ may have too much spin for me [now anyway].
  • blindwolfblindwolf Members Posts: 93
    right now, the e6+ works best for me, as i'm working through a swing change to correct a case of the rights. it's pretty much as straight as advertised. (of course i still occasionally manage to hit wicked slices of the tee with it, but much less so than with the e5+. even with a bad swing, i typically don't lose the ball unless it winds up in the drink).
  • I love the e6, haven't played the e6+'s yet. I'm heading out today with the new e5+'s....we'll see how that goes.
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    I used to play the E6 and I just picked up my first few boxes of E6+...can't wait to get at them this weekend.
  • buggymanbuggyman Members Posts: 509
    to me the bottom line is if you played the Prov's then the closest between the two would be the E5+. Like I said above the spin was up there with all the other top shelf balls i played. As a matter a fact with the E5+ I would laser my yardage and play one yard longer from 150 and in because I was spinning them back most of the day. Around the greens they had great control. I don't think I could be happier with a ball that cost this little.
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    I tried a sleeve of both and bought a dozen of the E-6+'s today. The main reason was the softer feel while putting which I prefer. They are both definitely worth checking out and very long balls.
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