Garmin Watch Durability?

I'm intrigued by the features of the S60, assuming I'm able to read it without glasses. But I haven't had great experience with their cycling products. To their credit, Garmin has been good with warranty service, but the hassle and possibility of being out of warranty on an expensive piece of gear has made me look closer at the competition. Has anyone worn a Garmin watch long-term enough to comment on the reliability and durability of Garmin golf watches?


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    I have had an X40 golf watch since a few months after it first came to market. I don't always use it anymore but I wore it everyday for several months, including a couple dozen rounds of golf. Then I gave it to my wife who used it while swimming every morning (long story) for quite a while. Since then I've used it for another handful of rounds of golf in September and October.

    No problems at all with it. Battery seems to last as long as ever, screen is unscratched, still waterproof, still downloads fine.
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    I've used Garmin products for running, swimming and golf and wouldn't hesitate to recommend them.

    I had an original Forerunner for marathon training that lasted me...almost 7 years. It got to the point where it wouldn't hold any charge at all anymore but I just replaced it with a refurbd Forerunner model. The thing was an absolute tank though. My S1 was basically the same thing, lasted almost 4 seasons, ran perfectly until the battery wouldn't charge anymore - settled on an S6 bargain in the BST to replace it.

    I used to go back and forth about using screen protectors on them but I don't anymore, especially with the touch screen models, I just resign myself to the fact that they will scratch eventually.

    Honestly its one of the few brands that I know going in its going to be more expensive than several other options but its worth it - to me. Just my opinion, as always, your mileage may vary.
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    I have been using an S6 for around 8 months and played alot of golf with it. I estimate it would have been charged well over 100 times so far. I have had no problems with it , it just does what you want of it. When its battery dies I am thinking of getting one of the cheaper models without the colour screen , I rarely use it and find the screen too small to move the flag position reliably. Front, back and middle of the green distances are all I need.

    The only issue I have had is my PC not recognising the USB device, but I found a workaround for that to force it to recognise, I have had this issue with other brand USB devices too so it may not even be a Garmin issue so much as a windows one.

    I think they are good quality and after watching my friend muck around with his cheapie the other day, I would say the menu system on the Garmin is alot easier to negotiate.
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    Very durable...It will outlast your interest until you upgrade to the newest model. image/derisive.gif' class='bbc_emoticon' alt=':derisive:' />
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    I've had an S20 for about as long as they've been out, and mine is still fine. The silicon band has broken in several places and I've just patched it together with some electrical tape. Now just last night, it broke at the clasp so will finally have to try and source a new band. Keep in mind I wear this thing 24/7, work, golf, in the shower, etc., so can't expect it to last forever.
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    I’ve had a G6 since they came out. Durability is fine, but the picture of the hole layout stopped working and I never could get Garmin to help. The other features still worked fine. I’ve since upgraded to the 60 (I really like being able to see the hole layout, although the detail is lacking and it is difficult to locate the cursor exactly where you want it).

    I have two Garmins for running, one which will track indoor treadmill, and the other for outside. Both have held up well. Although now the Garmin consistently registers about a tenth mile less than the run keeper ap on my phone.
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    Two of my buds have been using the S1 for 4 or 5 years with no issues. Still on original battery also. My only issue with the S1 is that you only get about 33 holes on a charge. If you forget to charge it after each round you won't get a full second round in. We usually play a 4 hr. round.
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    I have the S2 Approach. I bought it when they were first released. Since then I've used it about 100 rounds of golf a year. I guess that is about 4 years? It is giving me trouble now. Sometimes it doesn't charge when I plug it in. And it doesn't hold enough charge for more than one round in a day. And that assumes it got a full charge. Seems like the charger unit doesn't firmly connect to the watches charger points.

    Other than that it is solid. I am looking at the S60 now. Can't decide as I use the GPS as backup to a laser. If a phone app works I might forego a GPS watch in future.
  • B.D.O’CB.D.O’C Members Posts: 84
    I’m trying to unload my S6 in order to pick up a rangefinder
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    I have used 2 different Garmin watches with no issues at all. The only reason i left the S2 watch was to get the X40 because my vivofit 3 was having issues syncing. Which ended up being battery and i gave it to my daughter who is still using it. They are very durable and long lasting, i highly recommend them to anyone.
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    I'm not familiar with Garmin but I've never had any issue with my Bushnell products (2 lasers and 2 GPS watches over the years). Currently using a V4 laser and Excel watch and both do what they advertise - accurate and reliable. I see many posts about proprietary watch bands becoming defective. Looking at my Excel it has a normal watch band that you could get replaced at any mall vendor for a few bucks.
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    i have wore my garmin for over a year with no issues
  • OLD_BONESOLD_BONES PingMan Chico, CAClubWRX Posts: 1,804 ✭✭
    I have had 3 Garmin golf products and have never had one fail.
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    I've never used a Garmin product that was just for golf use primary, but I have owned two of their watches over the last 7 years. I work over in Afghanistan in aviation as a Huey gunner and I will say that their watches will take a beating. The only complaint that I have is the silicone watch band, I've gone through three of them over the years, but then again in my case they are not being used like most peoples watches.

    My current watch does have the ability to work for golf, but I've never used the function.
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    Still using s2 now, no issues and it’s indispensable. Been 100% dependable.

    He likes just looking down at a watch rather than taking out a rangefinder.

    Sometimes it is better to not know exactly everything.

    S60 does look pretty sweet with its functionality
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    I've had a Garmin Approach S1 for 4 years after buying it used. I've only used it on average 12 rounds per year. Still holds a charge fine, but the Glass display had a 1/4" crack which had now spread to 5/8".

    It is still legible... But if anyone knows where I can get a glass Replacement, or if it's even possible to fix, Please let me know.
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    I've used Garmin products for years, and would recommend them to anyone. Just bought a Z80 Approach and am very impressed with the performance, it's replacing an S6, as I don't like playing golf with a watch. The S6 has been bulletproof.

    Also have a Fenix 5, and an Edge 1000 cycle computer. There are occasional SW issues, and the update process can be glitchy, but Garmin has great support, and documentation. One strong point is that garmins products all have similiar UI and operational functions.

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