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I am italian and live in England. I have 8 handicap (but play much better than that). I want to go to college somewhere in california like stanforda and play college golf, I am not wanting a scholarship, but just the opportunity. I was planning to some this summer over to florida (or close to that) to play some junior event s to kind of get my name out there.

does any one have any suggestions? what month to go? where to stay? which tournaments to play? which state or states are the best?

thanks in advance guys


  • wholeinwon wholeinwon Members Posts: 2,236 ✭✭
    #1 Get ALOT better if you want to play colligate golf, to play Div-1 you have to be LOW I'd say close to scratch or below just to get a spot.

    #2 California, Florida, Arizona and The Carolina's are the best for golf

    #3 Email coaches with letters talking about yourself, golf highlights, goals, etc. sell yourself to the colleges
  • PGMladyPGMlady Golf Professional Members Posts: 294
    You can also purchase the PING college golf guide. It lists all the colleges in the US and what division sports they are with contact information of golf coaches.
  • franmel123franmel123 Members Posts: 256
    Thanks guys I'm only thirteen so I have some time to get it down to scratch.

    I know ll the college golf stuff. which tournaments do you think I could play?
  • LegacyUserLegacyUser Guests Posts: 0
    Buddy im in Miami, Fl. Dont come out in the summer because youll wish you were still up there. Uhm to be honest my friend I think you have got to shoot +4 or lower handicap and expose yourself under pressure for a D-I College. your handicap is at D-2
  • k-unitk-unit Members Posts: 321
    get into AJGA tournaments by playing qualifiers. Consistantly get in the top 15 in those or close to it. You have to be no worse than scratch to have a realistic shot at playing D-1.

    good luck
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