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pintail55pintail55 Members Posts: 152
when will they load the newer balls
I'm a member of website and think it a great site but I was just curious if anyone had any idea when they might put some new balls in the system. It recomends the wilson px3 for me, and that ball is no longer made plus there are some newer great balls out there that I would love to see tested. Thanks.


  • ColinMBColinMB Members Posts: 1,836
    Good question. I'm a member too and was wondering the same thing.

    I am looking at recommendations that include balls that have changed quite a bit.... it's kind of irrelevant info unless you're one of those guys that goes on ebay looking for old balls. Some of the photos used for certain companies are quite old, I'm hoping those are just stock photo's.
  • pintail55pintail55 Members Posts: 152
    I just got a email from golf ball selector and they said they would be updating the new balls soon. I'm excited to see what ball they recomend next.
  • golfdad907golfdad907 Play fast, have fun Members Posts: 3,101
    I emailed them, been member for about a year, other than take my money never receive anything from them in way of email.

    Anyway, guy replied back said within next 10 days they expect to post some newer data...hope so.
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