Hole In One?

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How about some time for everyone to brag a little? Would love to hear stories about your kid's hole in one(s).

I'll start... my boy has none.

There's definitely something more important that I should be doing.


  • wildcatdenwildcatden China Cat Sunflower Members Posts: 873 ✭✭
    Ditto. None for my kid or myself. He does have 2 eagles from 30-40 yards.
  • darter79darter79 Members Posts: 698 ✭✭
    none here either, came really close before.
  • BrianMcGBrianMcG Members Posts: 2,268 ✭✭
    My daughter hasn't even set foot on a golf course yet.

    Wow, this thread started off hot.
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    My son has one, got it when he was 6. Thinned a 7-iron from 70yds, landed 15 yards short of the green, ran up, hit the stick and dropped in. Unbelievable luck.

    I've been playing 35 years, and still none for me.
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    MikekiM wrote:

    My son has one, got it when he was 6. Thinned a 7-iron from 70yds, landed 15 yards short of the green, ran up, hit the stick and dropped in. Unbelievable luck.

    I've been playing 35 years, and still none for me.

    I wish I had that luck. I've seen kids miss like that a lot end up with short birdies. Once a kid we were playing with, I would guess 50 yards out tops it completely it never goes in the air but rolls 49 3/4 yards right next to the hole. It was on dead aim until the last couple feet it turned left on him. Kick in birdie. Crazy game.
  • kekoakekoa ClubWRX Posts: 8,846 ClubWRX
    My son has hit the flag stick 3 times but still chasing that **** ace.

    I've been playing for over 30 years now and only have 1. ughhhh
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    As many tournaments I have been to with both of my kids I have never seen one from anybody.

    The closest I ever saw was from my daughter at a tournament at The Bear’s Club in Palm Beach. A par 3 over water. She thinned a hybrid that took 3 skips covering 50 yards over the water. The ball hops onto the green and is rolling to the cup with decent speed. The other dad I was with, whose daughter now plays college golf as well, stands up and is going nuts. He keeps saying “go in the hole, go in the hole, go in the hole” and keeps getting louder as it approaches. It hits the flag stick, rolls out to about a foot.

    Have seen her hit two Eagles on Par 4’s in tournament play. The latest was at last years state high school tournament. She wasn’t playing particularly well. Was on a par 4 late in the round on the hardest green on the course. She hits this beautiful 8i and when it is in the air, her playing partner who had one state the year prior, says “That might go in the holes.”. The ball landed softly on the green, too a ridge and rolled in.
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    I have two boys who are now 12 and 10 who each have 1, I have been playing for almost 30 years and am still looking for my first. They both remind me "I am one down" all the time.

    They both got theirs at the same course which is a great par 3 track that is affiliated with a private club and home of the golf association of Tennessee. It hosts a number of junior tournaments and has some really solid holes to test all ability levels. My youngest actually got his first at the age of 7, hitting a driver from 120 that flew to the front on the green and then rolled up a tier and into the hole. The great thing was that we had some friends on an adjacent hole who were watching the whole time and celebrated and ran over when it went in.

    Fast forward 6 months later to my oldest on Masters Sunday - he got his first by hitting a sand wedge from 84 yards. The green has big bunker in front of a severely right to left slopped green so we never saw it go in - but from the moment he hit it he thought it was tight. As we are walking up we didn't see his ball so I told him to "check the cup"! The funny part is that his brother was actually a bit upset initially as although he plays some tournaments here and there - he is much more into baseball - that was something he had over his big brother. That lasted all of a minute and then he was thrilled - and then reminded Dad that "he now needed to try harder" to get one.

    I am continually "trying harder" to this day. Just last week I texted my oldest a picture from our club where I stuck a tee shot from 180 to 3 inches - his response - "close doesn't count....". The struggle is real.
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    fathers day 2006. 120 yard 3rd hole at a short little executive course that was one of the places i taught my son the game. He's 8 years old

    Him "I'm gonna make a hole in 1 for you dad!"

    Me "alright you're up, let's see it"

    Swing....impact.....hits a low, slightly bladed bullet right at the hole, I'm talking to it immediately, "Go a little, Go!" as it hits short, bounces perfectly towards the hole. I'm at him now, our walk stopped as we just wait and watch. We're both yelling now. "DO IT!!!!!" I scream as the ball loses some energy as it approaches ever closer......and stops, in the heart, 6 inches short.

    The kid had never said an ace was coming before and he almost called his shot on fathers day. It didn't drop for him but it's still one of my favorite memories ever on or off the course with him.
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  • TimberBeastTimberBeast Members Posts: 38
    As I said on here last week in another thread my 12 year old daughter got her first and only one so far two Sundays ago. It was on our home course, 122 yards. I wasn't there unfortunately, my wife had her out playing just 9 holes that day because of daylight savings ending. My wife wasn't even looking at it, she said my daughter turned to her and said, "I think I got a hole in one". My wife started freaking out and they drove up to the green. They walked up and sure enough it was in the hole. My daughter called me, I was driving home from an out of town trip. She was telling me she got a hole in one, and I was just saying no way, she was excited. After that I started hearing several guys in the background yelling. They were on the next tee box and saw it and came back over to her to congratulate her, she said they were all high fiving her. I hate I missed it but glad my wife got to see it.

    As to how it went in, she said it came backwards. I was like ok well must have been a little hill behind the pin location. However, I am a little more curious now because she played in a tournament this past weekend, 18 practice round holes, and 36 holes of play. I noticed her ball checking up big time on some shots out of bunkers, almost stopping, and another guy with us said he saw one of hers roll backwards on a sand wedge shot out of the fairway. So I'm wondering if she actually put backspin on it and it rolled backwards into the hole. She doesn't put backspin on it intentionally of course yet, but it makes more sense than it rolling back down a hill, especially on that green. I guess we'll never know for sure.
  • tbrumbeloe13tbrumbeloe13 GeorgiaMembers Posts: 702 ✭✭
    I've had two. My first one was at The Optimist at PGA National in 2015. It happened to be my 15th birthday as well. I qualified with one of my friends from school, and we went down there together. Our dads went out to play a local course the day before, and my dad had taken the rangefinder. It was a shotgun start-started on hole 7, realized I didn't have the rangefinder. My dad ran back to the resort to get it while my mom stayed and watched. I think it was hole 10 (Palmer Course)-178 yards, 4 iron. My dad got back the next hole and missed it. Earlier this year i was playing a SJGT tournament at the UGA Course. My dad chairs the GA Optimist qualifier which was being partnered with the SJGT this year, and so he was up at the scoring area to do awards for the younger age groups before he came out to watch me. On hole 16, I hole it-145, 9 iron. My dad shows up on the next hole. It's crazy how he's missed seeing both of them, but he says that if he was there something would've gone different.
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