The No Ace Club - How close did you get this year?



  • Z1ggy16Z1ggy16  9006WRX Points: 1,236Members Posts: 9,006 Titanium Tees
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    3 inches.

    Pitch mark was about 3'' from the cup and the ball settled around 12-18'' away from that mark. Haven't hit one that close since... probably haven't even had one within 8ft since then either..
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  • FergusonFerguson  5679WRX Points: 2,974Handicap: 6.8Members Posts: 5,679 Titanium Tees
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    Had at least 20 this year within 3 feet.

    Still no ace for Ferg, GD-IT!
  • larrybudlarrybud Rochester Hills, MI 11580WRX Points: 468Handicap: 3.4Members Posts: 11,580 Titanium Tees
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    Rapatt95 wrote:


    This close. Downhill 210 par 3, it was foggy so I didn’t see it til I got down to it

    Maybe it hopped in but the leaves didn't let it....
  • i*windowsi*windows  2264WRX Points: 231Handicap: 12.3Members Posts: 2,264 Platinum Tees
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    I hit the green a couple of times this year.. that's pretty close
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  • pierso2pierso2 Shooters Shoot  2605WRX Points: 34Handicap: 4Members Posts: 2,605 Bunkers
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    Rapatt95 wrote:


    This close. Downhill 210 par 3, it was foggy so I didn’t see it til I got down to it

    Same deal for me this year. 205 par 3. Hit 4 iron heard a click when it landed. Hit the pin on the way down. Been playing for 17 years now and haven't had one yet. Heck I haven't holed out from the fairway for an eagle even!
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  • TerpFangolferTerpFangolfer  677WRX Points: 144Handicap: 6.2Members Posts: 677 Golden Tee
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    40 yr member of the NAC image/cray.gif' class='bbc_emoticon' alt=':cry:' />

    can't remember any really close calls this year - I do have 5 100+ yard eagle hole-outs (most recent in 2015), but never an ace

    oh well...there's always next year image/taunt.gif' class='bbc_emoticon' alt=':taunt:' />
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  • VNutzVNutz  6601WRX Points: 581Members Posts: 6,601 Titanium Tees
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    Had a handful inside 5 feet this year, but none really threatened it. Did have one recently on an uphill hole with the green blind from the tee. Ball mark was about 6 feet short of the hole on the right and the ball ended up about 10 feet away and left, clearly bounced/rolled near the pin or cup. Would've been a lousy first one to have, not seeing it.
  • mlaingmlaing  47WRX Points: 64Members Posts: 47 Bunkers
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    I'll keep it short and sweet... I've been close twice this year. Both coming on the same course within less than10 minutes of each other. A local course was hosting a par 3 tournament making every hole play as a par 3. On the 8th hole I hit a beautiful 8 iron from about 150-160... it was all over the flag. Literally, it hit the flag the ball dropped behind the cup about 18 inches away. On the very next hole, I believe it was playing about 130 I hit a PW that was once again tracking beautifully but this time it hits the stick maybe a foot or two off the ground and the ball ends up 25 or so feet away off the front of the green. It was the most surreal back to back holes I've ever had. Still on the search for my first!
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  • ChronicSlicerChronicSlicer  1480WRX Points: 740Members Posts: 1,480 Platinum Tees
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    Putter head away from a swish, backed up to a foot away. 8i from about 155-160.
  • Neverfadeaway86Neverfadeaway86  265WRX Points: 57Members Posts: 265 Greens
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    4 Feet, made the birdie putt.
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  • lookylookitzadamlookylookitzadam SoCal 614WRX Points: 218Handicap: 2.7Members Posts: 614 Golden Tee
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    Had a tap in birdie this past weekend. It was 2 rotations (no more than 1.5") from rolling in.
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  • jbucherjbucher  327WRX Points: 43Handicap: 10.5Members Posts: 327 Greens
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    Rattled the flag once this year with my Hickory clubs,uphill 130 yards. Ball was above the hole and 3 putted. Had several within 3 feet with modern clubs. No Aces in 43 years of playing.Maybe some day.

    On the same note I was in a foursome where one was made and it was pretty cool to witness!!!!!
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  • Carl Spackler3Carl Spackler3  1183WRX Points: 356Members Posts: 1,183 Platinum Tees
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    Last week #4 Olde Sycamore NC. 3 inches
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  • knock it closeknock it close  7979WRX Points: 192Handicap: +2.4Members Posts: 7,979 Titanium Tees
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    I clipped the pin on the way down with a 6 iron from 192, lipped out with a 7 iron from 188 downhill, and a 6 iron downhill from 203 that I air called.
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  • TechnoguruTechnoguru  102WRX Points: 45Handicap: 6.2Members Posts: 102 Fairways
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    Twice this year spun it back and hit the pin. Both ended up about 3" from the hole. I have two double eagles in 40 years of golf, but still working for the elusive hole in one.
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  • Jdunn217Jdunn217  81WRX Points: 0Members Posts: 81
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    Hit one to two inches today on the courses signature par 3 while playing through a fivesome as a single. You now how playing through a group goes, it's either a spectacular shot or you fail to elevate the ball.

    This hole was playing around 175 yards into a slightly strong headwind. The tee is on the top of the ridge in the third picture, not entirely sure how much slope the hole has but it's probably 40-50 feet downhill.

    This first picture is just a stock photo showing the shape of the green. The flag today was behind the right side of the heart shaped bunker about 3 or 4 paces on.




    Club selection was a **** of a guess considering the severe wind and slope. I ended up hitting a 5 iron, and it was hit on the most pin seeking line I've ever created with a golf swing. The ball landed on the fringe, just clearing the bunker and slowly trickled to the hole.

    Oh well maybe I'll get my first one another day. At least this tap in was for back to back birdies. I had four birdies in total today which is a new record for me. At least I get to walk away on that positive note!
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  • Chewy2013Chewy2013  16WRX Points: 0Members Posts: 16
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    Been playing for 40 years and still no ace. It's on my bucket list for sure. Came closer than ever this year, about 1". One more turn and it probably goes in.
  • nitramnitram WestOK, on the South Canadian Riviera  5540WRX Points: 287Handicap: -.6Members Posts: 5,540 Titanium Tees
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    About a foot on a half-dozen occasions.
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  • MocGolferMocGolfer  302WRX Points: 92Sponsors Posts: 302 Greens
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    between a foot and 2 feet.....
  • DivinDaveDivinDave Longview Texas 597WRX Points: 117Handicap: 13.8Members Posts: 597 Golden Tee
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    Hole 10, par 3, 166 yards with about 60 ft elevation drop. Water on the right, The green is about 50 yards long, about 15 wide, has 3 tiers and it slopes hard back to front and left to right, towards the water. Im generally satisfied to walk away from this hole with a bogey, and stoked when I make a par. It's just a beast and one of my favorite holes that Ive ever played.

    It was a bit breezy that day, blowing left to right at about 10mph. I hit the most beautiful little knock down 6i draw to about 5 inches left of the hole. One of the top 5 shots I have ever hit in my life.
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  • JackalJackal  530WRX Points: 26Members Posts: 530 Bunkers
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    I had one about 4 foot from the hole.

    My Son hit one that hit the top of the flag and ran down the pole and bounced about 15 foot away.

    Another he hit landed 10" from the hole, left a big pitch mark, and backed up 4 foot.

    Still, we are getting closer.
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  • jbrunkjbrunk Central Illinois 680WRX Points: 145Handicap: 11Members Posts: 680 Golden Tee
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    Got one to 2 feet, on a 98y chip shot par 3.

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  • rxk9fanrxk9fan Midwest 925WRX Points: 225Handicap: 6.9Members Posts: 925 Golden Tee
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    I played a lot of golf at a decent level (3HC) for 5 or 6 years and not one ONE. I played with one guy who had a significantly higher HC, and I don't remember him ever going lower than me when playing together but he states he has had 8 ones....just crazy to me!! I guess I have had a couple of flag hits but nothing inside a foot when the ball came to rest. Funny that in my mind I am a decent iron player....but I must not be too decent LOL. I used to justify it a little because we played from the tips and my home course is 6785 yards but excuses are cheap I guess!

    I did put my second in the hole from 204 to an elevated green...but it was a blind shot so did not get to see it drop :-(
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  • sdandreasdandrea Steve  2643WRX Points: 506Handicap: 11Members Posts: 2,643 Titanium Tees
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    I failed to come close and miss. Scored my 3rd career ace this year on a 140 yd par 3 with a PING G10 8i and a Bridgestone Tres Soft ball. Keep playing, it'll happen!
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  • bangabainbangabain  190WRX Points: 42Handicap: 14Members Posts: 190 Fairways
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    2 closest I've ever had were both this year, first was back in Australia in July where I hit 12 ft past the pin on a super short 110 yard par 3, and watched it crawl back down the hill towards the hole only to lip out and finish 2 feet from the hole :/

    Second one was about a month later, after starting a round 8, 9, 5 (to be sitting at a cool 9 over after 3 holes), came up to a 175 yard par 3 with a gale blowing behind me, pulled 9 iron and hit it as pure as I can remember any shot I've ever hit. I remember thinking "jeez that looks good" the whole time it was in the air, two hops once it landed, hit the flag and dropped to about 5 inches for a nice tap in birdie...

    One day I'm sure, good luck to everyone else in their elusive search for a streak breaker image/smile.png' class='bbc_emoticon' alt=':)' />!
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  • ShakesterShakester  609WRX Points: 133Handicap: 9Members Posts: 609 Golden Tee
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    I've come close to an ace a couple of times, but still haven't gotten one in over 20 years of golfing. I've never been paired up with anyone that has gotten one either. The closest I got to even witnessing an ace in person was while I was walking on the fairway and I hear a bunch of people screaming a fairway over. I got up there and just asked "ace?" and they all pointed to one guy that was just all smiles. For me, the closest I've gotten was probably around 6 inches. My ball has landed a half an inch from the hole, according to my divot, but my ball ended up about a foot and half away. My day will come I tell you! Its coming! LOL. Probably not.
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  • hybrid25hybrid25 michigan 1589WRX Points: 177Members Posts: 1,589 Platinum Tees
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    Had a tap in birdie this past weekend. It was 2 rotations (no more than 1.5") from rolling in.

    The circumference is 5.28 inches.
  • jacksongp22jacksongp22  337WRX Points: 59Handicap: 2Members Posts: 337 Greens
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    I was playing by myself (of course) on a short-ish 155 par 3. It was an uphill shot and you cant really see where it lands, just about half of the flag. Hit my shot to the right, off of the green so i played another. Hit it decent i thought but couldnt see it land. Get up to the green and of course, in the hole! Too bad mulligan aces don't count lol
  • hunter42hunter42  346WRX Points: 61Handicap: 9.6Members Posts: 346 Greens
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    I've been playing for 20 plus years with no ace and this year i made 2 in the span of about 4 months. Crazy game.
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  • hybrid25hybrid25 michigan 1589WRX Points: 177Members Posts: 1,589 Platinum Tees
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    I think any golfer who's played the game long enough and hasn't got a hole in one has many many many stories of close calls.

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