From an older post but my 1st SeeMore...Proto FGP with pics!

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This was from a bit ago, but I thought it deserved its own post and I can finally post pics too.

Welps..........I'm now part of the SeeMore putter family... a little bit of a story but here goes...

For the LONGEST time, when I would stand over a putt, I just knew that my set up was/is very inconsistent. That drove me nuts. I always thought that SeeMore wasn't the coolest looking putter...but then it started to grow on me. The RST also made complete sense to me. I've always read greens well and can line up the putts, but my I knew that I was always lofting and de-lofting the putter face and or leaving the face ever so slightly open or closed.

I decided to contact SeeMore this past Wednesday and I spoke with Jim who was great to talk to and super friendly. I told him I was interested in getting a mFGP BUT I wasn't fond of the milling that came stock on the putter. I knew it was a long shot but I asked him if there were other milling options available specifically circular milling. He asked for my info and said he thought he had "something I might like" but he wanted to go check first.

About 30 min later, I received an email from Jim, which shocked me to death. It turns out that he had a brand new (still wrapped and sealed) LH stainless steel, milled prototype FGP with circular milling! I guess they made a prototype of the future mFGP and had this one in LH just sitting on the shelf tucked away. It was 100% milled and looks almost identical to the now stock mFGP but with a few differences. (Circular milling, no "m" but just FGP and all black paintfill.)

He said that he would put an all black shaft on it, and also helped me pick out a grip.

He said if I would be interested and if so that he would set it aside for me. I couldn't resist. So today I gave him my specs:

1. 33.5" length

2. 3* flat lie angle

3. Stamping: "1 of 1"

4. "Groovy White" headcover

Needless to say, I can't wait to get this prototype milled FGP! A massive shout out to John for his awesome help! I'm really looking forward to using the RST and I'm pretty sure this will help me set up consistently.

Keep in mind the above post is from a month or two ago.

It's been awhile since I've had it and it sets up so perfectly.

Here are some pics!





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    Gorgeous man! Just gorgeous.. their customer service is incredible. They make it easy and they make you never want another brand putter ever.
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    I just put my original FGP back in the bag - great putter and RST works great. I had SeeMore refurbish my FGP by reshafting and regripping (I had messed it up through experiments...). SeeMore was very accommodating and their customer service was outstanding. The best golf company I have interacted with as regards customer service bar none.

    And, yours is a beautiful putter, sir!
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    Like you, I always like the look of SeeMores but I never got along with the original FGPs because they always looked too small to me. When the Mini Giant DF I jumped at it and it is amazing for me. It feels so soft and is so forgiving it's like cheating.
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    I just picked up a like new FGP from Global a few days ago.I was so shocked when I open the box,because it looks absolutely brand new with the original grip on it too.Does anyone know where I can locate a matching head cover for the FGP?BTW, to the OP..that putter is gorgeous !!!
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    Check their site. They sell a bunch of different covers
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