Playing Through Pain

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Let's hear your worst.
Sure everyone has played with the classic sore backs and painfully blistered hands. But let's hear some of your other stories of more serious pain.

Today, I went to the driving range only a little over 24 hours after having two wisdom teeth removed.

Who else has something they'd like to share?
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    Heh, i did that a couple weeks ago boy did it feel odd leaning over a ball.

    My two worst, playing with some torn cartilage and ligaments bc the docs couldnt figure out what was going on and thought it was just normal pain but it was excruciating, actually played some solid golf bc i had to hit everything at like 75% so i didnt miss a fairway or a green, just a bunch of nice little pitched irons from everywhere.

    Played with two broken feet, they hurt really badly after falling on the stairs but i assumed they were just bruised, so after a week i went out and tried to play but i absolutely just couldnt, turns out that after another set of 25 x rays or so the doc finally saw that i had a spider web crack in each heel and had chipped off pieces from the backs of each of my heels. so it kinda sucked had to take off golf for a whiiile.
  • Hop&StopHop&Stop Lehigh University been very very good to me. Jr. Boomers Posts: 227
    Wow, sounds like the broken feet or the torn cartilage would be a little tougher to contend with than the wisdom teeth. I'll assume you had a cart at the least. Or I hope so right? image/biggrin.png' class='bbc_emoticon' alt=':)' />
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    How about rehabing a orthoscoped knee?
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    sprained my ankle walking on the putting green in a school tournament, and didnt wanna let my team down by pulling out.

    of course, the day it was a 6 hour round.

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    RRyders88 wrote on Jan 14 2006, 08:50 AM:

    sprained my ankle walking on the putting green in a school tournament, and didnt wanna let my team down by pulling out.

    of course, the day it was a 6 hour round.


    After having my left carotid artery operated on i was playing golf the next day....i did get a little dizzy in my back swing...and my left side of my neck was still numb and still is...shot 75 that day....bill... image/crazy.gif' class='bbc_emoticon' alt=':)' />
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    Two days before I was to play a round with a good friend I hit my left thumb solidly on the nail with a hammer while I was rebuilding a fence (the classic looked away while I swung the hammer). Since we had not played in a few months and we were playing a course for the first time I was hesitant to cancel and figured I could just tough it out. I quickly found out on the driving range while warming up that the pressure of my right hand on my left thumb while swinging and especially at impact was excruciating and making me flinch. It was obvious that I was not going to be able to play with a conventional grip.

    After a little experimentation on the range I figured out that I could swing a club and hit the ball solidly with out pain and flinching by making a normal overlapping grip while holding my left thumb off the shaft and outside of my right hand. I had to swing a little slower to avoid losing control of the club and I had to take more club because I was not hitting the ball my normal distances.

    The best part! I still shot a 78 and I still beat my buddy to his dismay!
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  • golfer_juniorgolfer_junior Members Posts: 1,152
    Hit in the face by some guy's drive, playing with a shoulder that kept popping in and out, played with a cholla cactus in my leg (cannot get some of the needles out without pliers).
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    oh man talking about getting hit. At districs we were on the 8th tee and this guy teed off and his rival schools player right in the chest. We couldnt stop laughing the group behind us caught up and they started laughing it took 20 mins to finish the hole.
  • Lord ThomasLord Thomas Resident Royal Junior Mod Squad Posts: 880
    I have tendonitis in my left wrist, so when the tendon inflames, I can have a very painful round, but nothing compared to some of the stories you guys have.

  • GolferGal2009GolferGal2009 about that.... Members, Jr. Boomers Posts: 466
    This one girl was leaning over taking some tees out of her bag and my friend was just brushing the grass with her driver, not paying attention, and she accidently hit this girl in the head. She didn't get hurt but it was sooo funny.
  • sync71sync71 Jr. Boomers Posts: 1,534
    I've never had anything as serious as some of you. Just pulled muscles and I got my hand slammed in a locky I had to change my grip for a month.
  • cjdrcccjdrcc Jr. Boomers Posts: 543
    Never played with any bad injuries. The most I ever had was a broken thumb on my left hand, but I don't really mind broken fingers because I've caught soo many foul tips in the hand during baseball games. Can't imagine playing after heart surgery, or having heart surgery for that matter. THAT is dedication to your sport.
  • SCameron009SCameron009 ¡~WRX~! Members Posts: 1,784 ✭✭
    I have had a little bit of both, a few years ago, I had a pretty bad neck injury, and I started playing way too early, I mean I took it slow, but it was very painful for the first three months of swinging, because any movement of the neck or mid back shot a stinging pain all the way down my arm that got affected (through nerves) during the incident. On a little lighter yet more serious not, last thanksgiving I had heart surgery, and for the first few months of swinging, it was scary as **** because any little twist or rip that may happen during any strain or during any swing could cause the device that they put in to tear, and ultimately put me into cardiac arrest, or much more serious death. So that was pretty scary, not painful...anyway, like most of you at the beginning of every season I go through a time of blisters on my hands just developing callases for the year those first few range sessions are killers (I am thinking of throwing some winn grips on my clubs just for the first month of golf season, but who knows).

    Oh, and anyone who works out on a regular basis, if you do a lot of failure reps the day before, it's pretty tough to get those muscles comfortable moving especially since the golf swing puts strain on almost every muscle in your upper body (pecs are killers!!)

    - Bryan
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