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Wosports W600 rangefinger review....the cheap gamble

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I just wanted to post up that I purchased one of the cheaper "chinese" branded lasers with slope that are found on amazon.

I purchased the Wosports W600 from amazon.

Pretty straight forward laser. 6X zoom. has a pinseeker mode which vibrates. even has slope.

I already had a dead Leupold GX1 from years ago (just needed a battery), but I really wanted to try a sloped version. I took a chance and wanted to find something that was cheap with slope.

I saw some reviews on this item and was a little worried (one review said it did not even have yards), but I contacted the seller and asked a few questions and assured me I should try it. the good thing about amazon is I could easily just return it image/smile.png' class='bbc_emoticon' alt=':)' />

anyways I am actually very happy with the purchase. The unit itself is well made (the standard somewhat rubberized exterior). Readings are very quick. I can't prove the slope is accurate but if it is this has truly showed me that my eyeball guesses on slope are a bit off ...ok a lot off LOL

I tested the yardage against the leupold and they read about the same +-1 yard of each other, so I am very happy.

The unit comes with everything you need carry case, strap, generic cr2 battery.

It is bright white, so it'll be hard to leave in the cart (LOL) and a bit bigger than my leupold.

My only complaint so far is I am afraid the battery cover will eventually not "function" it is a screw on type style where there is a tab you pull out then twist. When its fastened on... its not very tight, it actually feels a bit loose. I may have to put tape on as a safety.

Time will tell if this will hold up. but for about $100 I think this may be bang for buck if this lasts! (itll be hard to beat my leupold that has been trouble free for 7 years)

thought I would post if you are a frugal WRXer like me. who would rather spend money on balls and clubs lol

ooo yes you can turn slope off! image/smile.png' class='bbc_emoticon' alt=':)' />, but I am done with tournament golf so I am not worried

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