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    Do they actually take email communication now? They didnt earlier this year. It was IG only as previous post said.
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    Sent Instagram message I thinka year ago and still do not have opportunity to get wedges?

    Do you REALLY think instagram messages are a valid form of communication?

    honestly lots of these custom shops (the smaller ones) use IG as a form of communication, in some cases it's the ONLY way to communicate with them.

    Don't knock him because you didn't know image/smile.png' class='bbc_emoticon' alt=':)' />

    I do know, and it's my day job to know.

    Just because a few places do it, doesnt mean it's so. There are many factors at play.

    I'd quit your day job then unless ancient companies that only takes orders through quill and ink pay really well...

    IG messages were the only way to contact Artisan for a while. Pretty decent putter maker out of TX that gained a rabid following using IG as well.
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    Sent Instagram message I thinka year ago and still do not have opportunity to get wedges?

    It sounds like you need to be fit in person for wedges.
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    Yes you can email them.

    [email protected]
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