First equipment purchase of 2018?



  • qwetzqwetz Posts: 115 ✭✭
    had a gift card and didnt have a 56 because i generally played 2 wedges 52/58. Trying 3 wedge setup with mack daddys. picked up a 56 forged in slate.
    M3 440 9* Whiteboard Flowerband 7x
    '16 M2 15* Fujikura Pro 73x
    Mizuno MP-18 MMC Fli Hi 3i PX 6.5
    Mizuno MP-18 SC 4-8 PX 6.5
    Mizuno MP-18 MB 9-PW PX 6.5
    Callaway MD3 Forged 52.08/56.10/60.10 
    Odyssey #7CS Versa BWB 34" 
  • HehatemeHehateme Posts: 546 ✭✭
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    My first 2018 equipment purchase- I picked up a used set of Srixon Z565's with NS pro. A little beat but very functional
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  • PompsPomps Members Posts: 839 ✭✭
    718 Ap2 4-p with c-tapers
    Cobra F9 9* adjusted to open* - Testing
    TaylorMade M3 3 wood 15* - Project X Hzrdus Black 75g 6.5 - 42.875" (D6)
    TaylorMade p790 UDI 2 Iron - Project X Hzrdus Black 85 6.0 (D4; 2* flat)
    TaylorMade Gapr Hi 19* - Kuro Kage Silver 90x - 40.75" (D2)
    Mizuno M18 4-7 SC, 8-p MB Nippon Modus 125x 1.5* Flat (D4)
    Vokey SM6 51* (D5; 2.5* flat); Vokey TVD V-Grind 55* (D5; 2.5* flat) & Vokey TVD M-Grind 59* (D5; 2* flat ) - DG Tour Issue s400

    Odyssey Jailbird Mini S 33.5"
  • sheldonjhackersheldonjhacker Members Posts: 3,699 ✭✭
    Orange Whip, 2016 Tailor-made M2 Driver, Club Cameron kit. image/nyam.gif' class='bbc_emoticon' alt=':nyam:' />
  • randyfitzrandyfitz Members Posts: 276 ✭✭
    Mizuno JPX 900 Hot Metals 4-GW

  • F7 3/4 fairway wood
    Driver- TM M2 10.5 stock stiff, GBB 10.5, stiff Rogue silver 60 shaft
    Fairway- Ping g15 4 wood, stiff stock shaft (love this thing)
    Hybrid- Callaway X2 Hot 19 degrees
    Irons- Ping iE1 5-uw, Project X 5.0
    Wedges- Ping Tour w, 54 degree, Cleveland 588, 60 degree
    Putter- Cleveland Classic and Wilson 8882
  • ZA206ZA206 Members Posts: 620 ✭✭
    Need a new 56 deg sandwedge... will check out the SM7 and the Taylormade Milled grind.... also toying with getting a high toe 60 deg lob. I haven't played a lob wedge in over a decade, but I'm way better with wedges now than I ever used to be.

    I'll also try out the new M3 driver when it's released... it would be cool if it could knock off my 2016 M1.

    TM 2019 M5 460 9.0 with PX Hazardous Smoke 60-X
    TM 2018 M3 15 3W with Tensei Pro White 70 TX
    TM 2018 M3 19 & 22 Rescue Hybrids with Fujikura Atmos Blue TS-8X
    718 AP2 (5-PW) with AMT White X100's
    52F SM6 with AMT X100
    56S SM7 with S400
    TM 60 Hi Toe with S400
    TM Ghost Spider S - 34"
  • jb20jb20 Members Posts: 61 ✭✭
    Hopefully I don’t buy anything. New irons and wedges on the CPO during thanksgiving week. Unless I win something at a raffle I’m going to in February
  • Mr.HighFaderMr.HighFader Posts: 120 ✭✭
    Adams red 20* stiff

    Adams tight lies 16* stiff

    RIP very underrated equipment in my opinion
  • Silicon Valley DaleSilicon Valley Dale Banned Posts: 296
    I resolved to buy nothing other than maybe a DI. Or maybe 4. Someone posted that there was a new CX2 Cure putter available for 40 bucks. I failed 54 hours into my resolution. Maybe 2019 will see no new clubs, but since 2108 is wasted I'm going to go ahead and get an M3 and probably an M4 once they come available. There'll probably be some new iron sets that see some action too. Those TM 790's have me interested.

    Once the resolution is busted and I feel the shame for that, all bets are off. I need a golf club 12 step. I have a lot of putters. The one in my bag is the best I've ever used and nothing will kick it out. But in case I'm wrong I'm going to give this Cure thing a shot.
  • averysdadaverysdad Members Posts: 1,127 ✭✭
    I’m always on the hunt for the unicorn 3w. I’m hoping the rogue is all I’ve heard it may be. Excited to test it soon.
  • Pi5seekerPi5seeker Posts: 829 ✭✭
    my first iron fitting will be mine....nervous for some reason.
    Cobra F8 10.5* Evenflow Blue
    Cobra F8 5-6 17* Evenflow Blue
    Cobra F8 Hybrid 19* Smacwrap
    Cobra King Utility 22.5* C-Taper Lite
    Ping I210 5-UW PX LZ 6.0
    Bridgestone XW-1 56* 60* Spinner
    Odyssey Works Versa 1W
    Clicgear 3.5/Cobra King Ultradry
  • RainShadowRainShadow Tucson AZ (for now)Members Posts: 3,601 ✭✭
    Toulon Austin.

    Came in Thursday...
    Ping G400 10.5 Hzrdus Yellow 75
    Rogue 4 wd. Atmos Blue TS 7 
    G 410 19* Tour 85
    Apex  23 & 26 Kuro Kage
    Cobra Forged Tec Black 6-GW Modus 105s (In Play) / Srixon Z765 6-GW Modus 105s (Standing By)
    MackDaddy4 Black 54 S and RTX 3 Raw 58* 
     Bettinardi '16 BB1 / '16 Bettinardi Tiki /  '17 Studio Stock 8
    Chrome Soft / TP5/ Wilson Staff FG Tour
  • New (to me) irons �

  • TateTate Posts: 269 ✭✭
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    MP18 MB PW-6

    MP18 SC 5,4
    M2 9.5
    M2 15
    MP18 MMC Fli Hi 3
    MP18 SC 4-5
    MP18 6-PW
    SM6 52.8
    SM6 56.10
    SM6 60.4
    2016 Select Newport 2
  • tmgolf25tmgolf25 Members Posts: 437 ✭✭
    Went to Studio B yesterday and got fitted for a 2018 BB1!
    Callaway Epic SZ 9*
    Callaway Rogue SZ 15*
    Nike Vapor FlyPro 2 iron
    Mizuno JPX 900 Tour
    Callaway MD3 Milled
    Bettinardi BB1
  • WooPigWooPig Posts: 433 ✭✭
    I may get a new power hybrid but I think thats about it.
    Srixon Z785 9.5- Tensei Pro Orange 70S
    Callaway GBB Epic SZ 3 wood- Aldila NV 2KXV Green 75S
    Titleist 818 H2 17- Aldila Rogue Max S
    Titleist 818 H2 21- Fujikura Atmos Blue S
    Mizuno MP 18 (5-pw)- DG S300
    Vokey SM7 50*- DG S200
    Vokey SM7 54*- DG S200
    Callaway Mack Daddy PM 58*- KBS Tour V 125
    Bettinardi '17 Studio Stock 8
  • jacksongp22jacksongp22 Members Posts: 313 ✭✭
    Nothing! (Well hopefully) one of my resolutions this year is to keep everything the same and work on my game with what I have. I'll be lucky to make it through January lol
  • Dimebag777Dimebag777 Members Posts: 20
    Blew my Xmas cash on eBay for some new to me equipment:

    Titleist T-MB 716 3 Iron, been playing with 13 clubs for a few months and needed something to fill the gap my old X Utility Proto used to.

    Alida Rogue 110 60-S, got it on the cheap and wanted to go slightly lighter than the current Fuji I have in my driver.
  • tehutitehuti tehuti Members Posts: 69 ✭✭
  • elwhippyelwhippy Members Posts: 3,068 ✭✭
    Ping G400 Hybrid. 17 degrees, stiff flex. Due next week. The Heaven wood experiment is over. Looking at ex demo M2 10.5 with a 5.5 Hazrdus and 48 degree gap wedge.
  • HiSpeed48HiSpeed48 Members Posts: 2,098 ✭✭
    Ping 4 Series stand bag to replace my 5 year old bag.
    Titleist 910D2 9.5* Tour Issue
    TEE XCG7 15*
    Srixon Z545 4-PW
    Vokey SM6 46* 50* 54* 58*
    John Byron DaleHead 2
  • Double GeeDouble Gee Posts: 1,081 ✭✭
    Set of Hiskei ax203 irons. Forged and beautiful.
  • homergolfhomergolf Bay Village, OHPosts: 1,676 ✭✭

    Orange Whip, 2016 Tailor-made M2 Driver, Club Cameron kit. image/nyam.gif' class='bbc_emoticon' alt=':nyam:' />

    My daughter got me an Orange Whip for Christmas, so that doesn’t count for 2018. If the Titleist 919 d2 is even hinting at being better than the 917 d2, I’ll give that serious consideration, assuming that appears later this year. Otherwise, any other golf buys (and a lot of other buys) have been substituted with what’s parked in my garage
    Ping G400, 9, adjusted to 10
    Epic Flash 3-wood, 15
    Rogue 4-wood, 17
    Epic 4 hybrid, 23
    AP3, 5-48*
    SM6 54, 10
    SM6 60, 8
    SC GoLo 3, 33"

    ...for now
  • bogeyprobogeypro The Original Bogeypro ClubWRX Posts: 3,174 ClubWRX
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    Bought another Scotty Cameron.... Newport 2.5
    Taylormade M1 (2017) 440 9.5* tour w/Atmos Black TS 6x<br />Taylormade M6 Rocket 3 w/Atmos Black 7s<br />Taylormade p790 4-pw <br />Taylormade hi-toe 52-9 and 58-10 wedges <br />Taylormade Spider Mallet 72
  • WarrickWarrick ClubWRX Posts: 10,231 ClubWRX
    0 purchases for 2018, and hope to keep it that way. Outside of maybe a glove, or two and if I have enough tees and balls for the season. I should be set for everything from tees, to shoes, bags, clubs, apparel, balls, hats, sunglasses, gloves

    I took the first step towards freedom this morning, unsubscribed from BST.
    F9 9* Atmos Black TS7
    F9 Tour 3w\13.5 - Smoke 75
    F9 Tour 5w\17.5- Smoke 75
    Epic hybrid - 22* Pro White 90
    Mizuno 919 combo 5-P - PX LZ 6.0
    Mizuno T7 - 48-53-58 - PX LZ 6.5
    Custom V-Line Fang
    TM TP5X
  • zebra2955zebra2955 Posts: 557 ✭✭
    Found a brand new set of F6 irons with 2 hybrids for less then $300 now to find a new SW
    Cobra F7

    Callaway Epic

    Cobra F6 fairway woods

    Cobra F6 hybrids, 3-4 and 4-5

    Cobra F6 irons 6i -PW, GW

    Harry Taylor 54* and 58* wedges

    Odyssey "O" Works 2 ball, Super Stroke mid slim 2.0 grip

    What ever ball Costco has LOL
  • Sean2Sean2 #TheWRX (Callaway Trip) Members Posts: 30,826 ✭✭
    No plans to purchase any equipment. I finally bought a decent rain suit though.
    [font=helvetica, arial, sans-serif]Callaway Rogue[/font]
    [font=helvetica, arial, sans-serif]Callaway GBB Epic 16º/20º/24º[/font]
    [font=helvetica, arial, sans-serif]Callaway Steelhead XR 25º[/font]
    [font=helvetica, arial, sans-serif]Callaway Apex CF16 6-AW [/font]
    [font=helvetica, arial, sans-serif]Callaway MD3/MD-PM 54º/58º[/font]
    [font=helvetica, arial, sans-serif]Callaway "O" Works #7[/font]
  • R4haehlR4haehl Members Posts: 61 ✭✭
    Mizuno MP-18 MB 4-9 - DG X100 shafts
  • SM1098SM1098 Members Posts: 165 ✭✭
    new Bushnell rangefinder... old one had a great run, earned itself a spot in the retired community.
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