Man I missed breaking 90 by 1 shot

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Went out to play today at Miami Springs GC and man its a nice course but I shot a 90. On the 18th hole I blasted my Ignite 300 yds from a tee box of 403 yds. Took out the PW and man hit a horrible shot that landed 20 feet away from the pin. I missed my birdie putt by 6 inches..... image/sad.png' class='bbc_emoticon' alt=':)' /> Hence I missed 89. It really sucks but for playing since last june ill take it.
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    i think u mean breaking 90
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    yea 90 woops im sorry
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    Sounds like me when I was trying to break 80 for the first time. I played everyday for almost two weeks. Every round I played I had a putt on the last hole for 79 and I would leave the putt within kick in range.
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    It'll happen, just be patient. You're a very good player for only starting in June. Keep it up.
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  • animalisticanimalistic 7th Hole Ballybunion !! Jr. Boomers Posts: 1,235
    ya itll ahppen eventually, probably when you least expect it!!!
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    trust me you'll do it once then before you know it you'll have a topic in here "Almost broke 80 today!"
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    Don't worry it'll come soon enough. i've recently broken 80 for the second time, both on my second course, both 79. The first time was probably the best though because it was off the back tees. But keep tryin and that 89 will come.
  • madmanmadman Jr. Boomers Posts: 85
    Ya, it was on ballykisteen animalistic but its 6284 off mens tees and 6765 off the backs. I expect to break 80 in limerick county around my birthday at the end of march
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