How many of you have other Hobbies?

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I just wondered how many of you Hunt? Spend time on Gunbroker looking at Guns. Stand and look at fishing lures. Go offroading, Camping, Hiking, all of these man things.

I spend as much time looking on Gunbroker than I do on here. I have actually sold sets of golf clubs so I could buy a new rifle. Well new to me. I have sold a couple of guns that I didnt like to much to buy golf clubs too. I have as many or more hunting camo clothes than I do golf clothes.( sorry cant bring myself to say outfits< thats a woman thing)

When it gets to be Turkey season in April, I forget about golf, In the fall when bow season starts, or gun season starts for deer. I cut Saturday golf out totally.

Anyone else that is a mulit sport man on here.

Do you see a great place to hunt while you are golfing. Or ever see a deer or wild turkey, or covey of quail while gofing?

Do you own a bird dog, or beagle dog to hunt birds or rabbits with?

What about muscle cars or Harleys? I have an interest in them also.


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    I would love it if my CC would let me hunt the deer/turkey and especially geese that come to our course.
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    When I'm not on the course I'm on this:

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    PXG GEN-2 0311P 7 - GW irons | Accra Tour 100i Graphite Stiff 
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    I played in bands for 45 years and now I collect vinyl records and vintage stereo equipment.
    Welcome to where dumb opinions are better than no opinion. :)

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    Car Enthusiast, carpenter and part time consultant.

    In the detached second garage:

    85 Porsche 911 Carrera Targa (gray market) - third child

    89 M/B 560SL (8,600 original miles) - weekend cruiser
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    What do you mean "other hobbies"? If you are referring to golf as a "hobby", you are in the wrong place.
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    Cars and hunting. There are a few courses around here that I wish we could go on and hunt. Can't count how many times I have been playing golf and see a buck standing in the fields.
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    Guitars and amps for me, although Ive cut my collection nearly in half and now am down to 5 guitars.
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    29 years old. Golf every week that the sun shines. Between practice, rounds, lessons and club ho-ing, I probably spend $2-3k per year on this sick, twisted game.

    My other hobbies are:

    Video games (5-10hr per week)

    Men's Club Hockey (1 game per week)

    Music (piano, play/practice ~3-5hr per week)

    Watches (if that's really a hobby... more like an interest)

    With the gaming, I don't spend very much on it. <$50 per year. However, the PC I built to play said games on... was $1200 in parts. I build one PC every 5-6 years, so overall I spend an average of maybe $225 a year on PC gaming.

    With Hockey, I don't grow and I air out my stuff pretty well, so I don't need new gear... I'll wear it til it breaks or falls apart. Yearly investment, is cost of ice time, which is around $900 a year. Music, I own a keyboard which I've paid in full and was around $1500. I learn all music by ear or from free tabs/lessons online, so I don't spend any money on music now unless the keyboard needs servicing, which I hope it never does.

    Watches... My current collection is very small but I plan to grow it over my life time. Currently own two cheap casio watches worth about $200 total, and a quartz Invicta. Used to own a Seiko SKX007 but I sold it because I wasn't wearing it much. I'm currently bidding on a Seiko SARB035, worth about $320. Later this year I plan to buy a Hamilton Jazzmaster ($350-$450 value) at which point I may sell the Seiko. After that...Depending how life goes my next buy will probably be a SARX055 which are around $1300-1500, maybe around $1000 used. After that, an Omega Aqua Terra auto which I've seen go for as low as like $2500 used but retail somewhere around $5400.
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    Golf is fun and is a great activity. However my discretionary income is limited and has to be allocated to other activities.

    In addition to golf:

    Skiing and snowboarding

    Pistol and rifle shooting

    Situational awareness and tactical training

    Flying giant scale RC airplanes

    Referee soccer, youth through adult leagues

    As a tangent to rifle and pistol shooting I load my own ammunition; .380 Auto, 9mm, .40 S&W; REM .223 and 5.56
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    Vr Forged 50 / UST Rv2 Gold 115 R
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    Nothing else.
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    TM RSi TP UDI 4 iron 23 Aldila Trinity 65
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    TM P790 Black 8-PW Nippon Modus 3 130
    TM xFT TP 50 Nippon Pro WV115
    TM Milled Grind Black Wedge 54 Nippon Pro Black WV115
    TM ATV HP 58 Nippon Pro WV115
    TM Rossa Ghost Tour AGSI+ FO-74

    I drop the 2 iron or one of the other UDI's based on course.
  • golfgirlrobingolfgirlrobin Members Posts: 2,284 ✭✭
    I have a $2000 puppy that just required an $8000 surgery. Hobbies other than golf will be on the back burner for quite awhile.

    Not the one in my pic; that one’s built like a brick you know what.
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  • bandrzbandrz Members Posts: 955 ✭✭

    I have a $2000 puppy that just required an $8000 surgery. Hobbies other than golf will be on the back burner for quite awhile.

    Not the one in my pic; that one’s built like a brick you know what.

    My golden is 11 years old. i paid $400 bucks for her. at 10 weeks she was bitten by a rattler. cost me $3,000 but she survived. I hope she lives forever! if you spent that much on your dog than I am safe in assuming you are a really good person.

    back on topic.

    I started fly fishing about 18 months ago. The similarities to golf are infinite. The flushing feelings of a well struck shot are the same as shooting the line on a perfect cast. The venue and companionship are usually the best parts of the activity, no matter the result. You usually regret something that happened after you are done (the one that got away!). The gear is just as much an obsession as the activity. The quest for catching the perfect fish in the perfect spot is the same as the one shot that you can't stop talking about after a round of golf. My clubbuilding skills stop at re-gripping my own, but I just started fly-tying and ohhhhhhh boy this could get ugly (and expensive). I can't wait to share both with my kids one day...
  • Johnny_FairwayJohnny_Fairway South Jersey (Philly Burbs)Members Posts: 539 ✭✭
    Hunting, fishing, clay shooting (trap or sporting clays) and visits to the local library and museums.

    But taking my kids to sports, dance, boy scouts etc is probably my number one hobby at this point.

    Z1ggy16 wrote:

    I'm currently bidding on a Seiko SARB035, worth about $320.

    I bought that watch for about that price on Black Friday last year. Looks even better in person than it did online.
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    Paintball and family

    "If you think it's hard to meet new people, try picking up the wrong golf ball."
  • deadsolid...shankdeadsolid...shank ClubWRX Posts: 14,620 ClubWRX
    No hobbies, no interest, no life. God I’m boring.
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    The reanimation of dead tissue.
  • One_Putt_BlunderOne_Putt_Blunder Members Posts: 10,796 ✭✭
    I hike a lot, video games during the week. Former hockey player, rodeo rider snowboarder, mountain biker. Doc told me no more extreme stuff with two fake hips so hiking it is.

    With the WM Open coming up here is a view from the highest peak in the mountains that serve as a background for the Phoenix Open. 4059 feet up TPC is at roughly 1500 feet. Was one heck of a climb.


    Shameless plug for my 19th hole hiking thread if anyone else is an avid hiker.
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  • Dr.FrankenputzDr.Frankenputz Members Posts: 699 ✭✭
    If I’m not at work or with my wife & 3 little kids I’m either golfing, thinking about golf, or buying golf stuff. Golf & kids are plenty expensive, we’ve got a 10 year old golden retriever, & my wife won’t let me buy any more guns. Once my kids are a tad older & able to join me I’m hoping to get back into biking/mountain biking, snowboarding, snow shoeing. And definitely hope they’ll get into golf.
  • fillwelixfillwelix Members Posts: 1,209 ✭✭
    In addition to golf, I play guitar, love craft beer, and I bake some bread that's tasty as heck
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  • jsmil4901jsmil4901 Members Posts: 187 ✭✭
    Cycling, mostly mountain biking.
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    Callaway CF 16 irons 5-AW Recoil Stiff shafts.
    Titleist Vokey 54 and 58 wedges
    Scotty Cameron M1 mallet 33".[/font]
  • PedowdPedowd El Mero Golfero Members Posts: 214
    I was road racing sport bikes before i gave them up to play golf. Would be gone one weekend a month racing in TX, Oklahoma, and New Orleans. Plus practice track time, tires, fuel, and lodging it added up.. Golf, while expensive, is nowhere near what i spent on club level racing and without any roi. I can go to work, run home to change clothes, hop in the golf cart and get at least a few holes in or time on the range before picking the little one up from daycare. My wife complains about the tournaments, Money games, and dogfights but it’s a lot less than coming home with a rashed up helmet and crashed 10k motorcycle. Now i come home with some cash, share the winnings a little and we are both happy!
  • Hawkeye77Hawkeye77 Countdown to The Masters! ClubWRX Posts: 17,398 ClubWRX
    My other passion . . . .
  • BaitkillerBaitkiller Members Posts: 1,707 ✭✭
    I could open a sporting goods store with what is in my garage.

    Two boats. fishing and wakeboarding and 3 event skiing. This gear alone could buy a lifetime CC membership. Any other 50+ barefooters out there?

    Snow skiing, boarding and shoeing

    Scuba. gear for 4

    Local theater

    Junior coaching football soccer and golf. bet I own 30 soccer balls.

    Napping. I have to say that taking naps is my favorite hobby. Best 30 minutes of every afternoon.
    Turn over damnit!
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  • duffer987duffer987 Don't feed the Choo. Canadian in CaliforniaMembers Posts: 8,973 ✭✭
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    I used to do track days (basically hooning around a circuit in your own car) during my non-golfing years - to make sure there was a still a sinkhole to throw money into. Living so close to COTA, really tempted to at least get there once.

    Until one too many clicks in my knee, used to play 5x5/7x7 soccer too.

    Hiking is the other outdoorsy thing I did, do, still do along with golf. Definitely a good couples activity and all the better when there is a meal and a few pints at the end of it image/smile.png' class='bbc_emoticon' alt=':)' />
  • sdandreasdandrea Steve Members Posts: 2,329 ✭✭
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    Still playing music at 65 years young! Me with the Arctic Blue Strat and brown Les Paul. We live in a 55+ community and formed a classic rock band out of residents. We play once a month in our Lodge for the community Happy Hour - 2 hour gig of mostly 70's rock. My sister is the drummer.

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  • KCCOKCCO Members Posts: 1,870 ✭✭
    Ferguson wrote:

    Car Enthusiast, carpenter and part time consultant.

    In the detached second garage:

    85 Porsche 911 Carrera Targa (gray market) - third child

    89 M/B 560SL (8,600 original miles) - weekend cruiser
    Ferguson wrote:

    Car Enthusiast, carpenter and part time consultant.

    In the detached second garage:

    85 Porsche 911 Carrera Targa (gray market) - third child

    89 M/B 560SL (8,600 original miles) - weekend cruiser

    So you’re a purist having an air-cooled Targa....that’s awesome, I’m into the car scene and always will be. Fortunately my job involves exotics, and foreign/domestic classic and modern muscle. Much more pricey than golf if you consider golf a “hobby”. To me it’s a sport I could still play after all the prior injuries from other sports after 30, but have been lucky enough to play since a kid in a golf family, now at 38 my kids are taking a liking to golf, cars, baseball, and wrestling.
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    009 ProV1

  • junkfryjunkfry Members Posts: 558 ✭✭
    Fly fishing or any kind of fishing at that. Camping, hiking, skiing, running and working out. Traveling is a big one too. No kids, so me and the wife have all kinds of time to do lots of "hobbies".
  • MtlJeffMtlJeff MontrealMembers Posts: 28,208 ✭✭
    I did some semi-competitive running, and i played pretty high level flag football....but pretty much done with that now. Have a baby on the way so golf will probably have to be my only hobby
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  • wkuo3wkuo3 RELEASE Members Posts: 3,800 ✭✭

    Not on a tablet, I like to flip the paper pages.........
  • Conrad1953Conrad1953 Members Posts: 14,976 ✭✭
    Have many "former" hobbies as a geezer. These days just golf and when I retire later this year; start

    spending more time with my piano. I once had a passion for it and after all these years of rarely touching

    one, have found the flame never burned out completely....and now has returned; burning brightly.
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