Srixon Z-URC vs Srixon Z-URS

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First impressions & mini-review: Picked up a Dozen Z-URC's yesterday, to try out. Gamed the Z-URS's for all of '07. Just noticed though, I had a bit of trouble with my distance control on longer putts. The Z-URC feels a little firmer than the Z-URS. The firmer feel must have made me think I didn't need to hit it as hard to get the distance I needed...or something along those lines. I came up short quite a few times. I ended up with 29 putts for my round, kind of average. Still had a few Z-URS's in the bag, so after my round I hit the practice putting green for some comparison testing. Rolled quite a few from several different distances, and found I prefer the Z-URS for putting. I guess using one ball exclusively for a whole season, you become quite accustomed to it. The Z-URS feels better to me for greenside shots, and just seems to check a little harder...thus giving me a bit more control. It's not to say the Z-URC doesn't check, I was just noticing a little more rollout after the initial check. The Z-URC seems to be a touch longer off the Driver, than the Z-URS...but not by much. Probably just getting a little less spin with the Z-URC. Trajectory is unchanged...I seem to flight them both the same. The Z-URC was pretty much spot on (distance wise) for my Iron shots. I found it had just a little "clickier" sound off my Irons. Maybe by the time I go through the dozen, I may become more comfortable with it? If not it's back to the Z-URS's. I'm sure though the same may have happened if I was gaming the Z-URC's for an entire season, then decided to try out the Z-URS's. Both the Z-URS & Z-URC are very consistent balls. Basically, the Z-URC & Z-URS seem identical...just the Z-URC seems to have a firmer feel to it. To switch from one to the other, and still get my yardages correct with my Irons is a testament to Srixon for producing a great ball, at a realitively fair price. I don't think you could go wrong with either of these two offerings.

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