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(No Buy, Sell, Trade Posts) 2018 Nike Golf Burlington & Ross Finds



  • Jag80Jag80 Lefty Boomers  726WRX Points: 101Handicap: WTF?Posts: 726 Golden Tee
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    Sizing depends on style and where they are made. I've found shoes made in Vietnam run about a half size smaller. You can also get away with wide shoes for normal feet because Nike's generally run narrow.

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  • awtryau89awtryau89 Hoschton, GAMembers, ClubWRX  1573WRX Points: 322Posts: 1,573 ClubWRX
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    FYI, I hit a few Burlingtons in NE Atlanta area and they are getting restocked finally. They had tons of people doing mass re-stocking. Lots of shoes back on the shelf. Saw a couple of small size VP Boas $34.99 and found 1 pair of VP in my size 11 for $27.99.

  • jasonTeI3jasonTeI3 Members  742WRX Points: 154Posts: 742 Golden Tee
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    So hit up a couple Ross’s today and found some UA Matchplays from a couple years ago, some all black Roshe Tours, lots of RV 2’s.....not one pair in 10.5 or 11!

  • wcgolferwcgolfer Members  162WRX Points: 44Posts: 162 Fairways
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    No golf shoes. But tons of Cole Haan casual shoes so I did pick up a few pair of those.

  • 2tall2golf2tall2golf Members  51WRX Points: 19Posts: 51 Bunkers
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    Found a pair of roshe g tour black in a 10.5. I wish it was a 12.

  • dmb3535dmb3535 Members  524WRX Points: 129Posts: 524 Golden Tee
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    Found some me roshe tour hot punch in 11.5 today but left for next person since not my size. Used to see tons of TPs at this ross, none last 3 weeks

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  • Rfern12Rfern12 Members  451WRX Points: 196Posts: 451 Greens
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  • 2tall2golf2tall2golf Members  51WRX Points: 19Posts: 51 Bunkers
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    Picked up a pair of react vapor 2 white in 13 since one ross doesn't want you to try on shoes right now. Realized I'm a 12 or 12 wide depending on type.

    It's crazy how nike can have such a difference in size for different types.

  • courcy75courcy75 Members  313WRX Points: 149Posts: 313 Greens
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    Alot of G/Fore shoes popping up in the secondary market. Marshall's.

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  • cardia10cardia10 Members  2660WRX Points: 277Posts: 2,660 Titanium Tees
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    Still seeing random Hot Punch colors at Ross here. Shoes have slowed down quite a bit. Also finding some very nice under armour rain pants. Now if I can find a size that fits me!

  • apex523apex523 Members  608WRX Points: 97Posts: 608 Golden Tee
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    Still yet to see hot punch colors. Finally found some react vapor 2's in my size. Black pair and a white (green sole) pair. I'm good now unless i come across TPs or white roshe's.

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  • bvmagicbvmagic Members  1144WRX Points: 160Posts: 1,144 Platinum Tees
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    I've started seeing more under armour golf shoes at Ross. Spieth 3's, match play, and some spikeless.

  • endyendy Members  3797WRX Points: 334Posts: 3,797 Titanium Tees
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    Haven’t seen TP’s in a while but seeing different major packs pop up on some FB pages, would love to score a pair of those!

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  • omoub001omoub001 Members  254WRX Points: 47Handicap: 7.6Posts: 254 Greens
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    Which FB pages? Can you send me a DM.

    I've never understood why assistance in this group is frowned upon but we can flip Tie-Dye Shoes on the BST no problem...

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  • cardia10cardia10 Members  2660WRX Points: 277Posts: 2,660 Titanium Tees
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    Because us doing it solely for the helping each other is wrong, but flipping Tye Dye's and Jordan's for $100-300 over what was paid a day ago is totally in the spirit of this community...

  • rockitawkwardlyrockitawkwardly Members  107WRX Points: 48Posts: 107 Fairways
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    Same here as far as inventory. I’ve been going once a week and for the last two weeks no new stock has been put out in footwear.

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  • thedanimal58thedanimal58 Members  135WRX Points: 62Handicap: 7.5Posts: 135 Fairways
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    100% I have found alot of sizes and good deals that I would be happy to help, its sad that things are getting the way they are.

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  • Rfern12Rfern12 Members  451WRX Points: 196Posts: 451 Greens
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    It wouldn’t surprise me if some of the flippers were on golfwrx for the simple fact of getting intel.

  • Jason mJason m Members  304WRX Points: 65Posts: 304 Greens
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    Be nice to have a page here for ross finds etc for trade, i have found a few locally but never my size and not worth my time to try and sell. Would be nice to see whats avail in what sizes and make trades, then ya just out shipping. If there already is then im sorry.


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