Scotty Cameron & Crown

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I was at a golf show this weekend. A store who is an authorized Scotty Cameron dealer were selling floor model Select Mallet 1 for $200. Seems like a great price so I bought one. Does a store that is an authorized dealer be selling fakes. The putter matches all photos I've seen on major golf sites.


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    They could but I doubt that they would be selling a Cameron and Crown fake. Too limited numbers. The Chinese fakes tend to go after the Scotty Cameron models with larger demand. Not too many people buy a 33" putter. Plus, it would be way too risky for an authorized Titleist account to sell a fake for a couple of hundred bucks.

    My guess is that because shops were required by Titleist to buy all 4 Cameron and Crown models at a time rather than per piece, a lot of accounts got stuck with one or two putters that wouldn't sell. They most likely are trying to get rid of it below wholesale just to move it.
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