rife Sorrento vs Evnroll ER2

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Just curious if anyone has putted with either one of these, especially the Sorrento. Any comparisons? They look similar, and both a rife putter, just curious if the evnroll is worth an extra $275.00 Thanks


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    Go with the newer tech and get the ER2
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    I have the Sorrento it’s now in the emergency bag, you know the ones you keep in the basement in case you’ve left your gamers in the back of the wife’s car and it’s league night. I tried the ER2 but ended up going with the RIFE Switchback XL. Just. couldn’t get the ER2 to get the ball rolling like the RIFE on the Dew board. I think the XL is more attractive at address with the contrasting weights and I missed the top line alignment notch. Have not played with the weight options yet but potentially another plus for the Rife XL. Got xl on sale from RBG for 150 ish and free shipping.
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