1st True Refurb Scotty Studio Style

So I picked up a Scotty for fairly cheap a year ago it was pretty beat up and thought I'd take a crack at refinishing it for the purpose of reselling. My original plan was to sand it do a black oxide and leave the insert the original stainless steel. As I looked into places to do black oxide nothing really was available for an affordable price, so i decided to go with a torched look. after torching it i thought it looked great! Then this year still having it in my garage during our -40 degree cold spell thought I would take on the challenge of trying to get it torched a little darker. After numerous torching sessions i was able to get it to a charcoal finish but was not what i was looking for. I brought it to work where we have a sand blaster and blasted it. Finally i decided this was the best finish I have had yet and stuck with it. I have since bought 7 more Scotty's and look forward to finishing each one in a different finish. As well as changed my philosophy of making money of these putters and take up more of a collection. Although i did sell this one to my coworker who i look forward to completely destroying this summer on the course. Please let me know your thoughts and comments as I'm new to refinishing and look forward to hearing any feedback or advice.
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