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New project A ball

pennywise2016pennywise2016 Members Posts: 20
The new Project A was made available today. But there has been no reviews and not much talk about it

I'm excited to play this ball after the success of TP5/TP5x.


  • QuigleyDUQuigleyDU Advanced Members Posts: 5,971 ✭✭
    what is the supposed difference?
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  • pennywise2016pennywise2016 Members Posts: 20
    QuigleyDU wrote:
    what is the supposed difference?
    New core, new dimples from the tp5 and no seam

  • pappaf2pappaf2 Advanced Members Posts: 3,454 ✭✭
    So is this the 3rd gen project a? If so does this mean the 2nd gen project a will be discounted?
  • swine7777swine7777 Members Posts: 64
    $29.99 at Edwin Watts in Sarasota

    I picked up a dozen of the 18's for that price / their mistake
  • ZNDavisZNDavis Members Posts: 20 ✭✭
    Nearby GG has the 12s with a bonus sleeve added for $35
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  • cricgolfcricgolf Advanced Members Posts: 156
    Played with 2018 Proj A Last week in Scottsdale. Distance was a little longer off the tee but definitely firmer around the greens with less control, the former 2 bounces and stop was missing. Had great hopes but was disappointed.
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