Famous People you ran into during a round of Golf...



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    Schley wrote:

    Lottaouts wrote:
    Jim McMahon, former Bears Super Bowl champion quarterback. He was walking barefoot from driving range to the first tee, about fifteen years ago. Big smirk on his face. He emitted the strongest **** vibe imaginable.

    Where was this? He can hit the golf ball I know.
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    Gary Williams (the HoF bball coach not the GC guy) is a member at my parents club in Delaware. Usually see him several times a summer - you can see from my username why I would instantly recognize him!

    Unfortunately never got to play with him...oh, and Tony Kornheiser is also a member, but I've never seen him

    One year (Jan early 2000s) was flying out of HNL on Sunday night. Had been working and forgot about the Sony...then saw Andy North 2 rows behind me in 1st class...several "regular" pros walked past to go back to economy. I was flying UA a lot those days so felt bigtime to be up in 1st...lol
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    Mods should rename this thread to "Famous" People you ran into
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    Saw Patrick Reed a couple weeks ago. A buddy hit a house on the first tee and as were walking back to the cart Reed goes, "Take it easy on the houses bro," the laughs. Pretty great moment
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    Played behind Gerome Bettis at my old home course in Atlanta. The bus was really cool after signed stuff for people and took pics
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    Was on our range a while back. Only two others out there with me - a member I know and a young, lanky guy next to a big Srixon staff bag. It was John Catlin about the time he was getting on the PGA tour after a great run on the Asian tour. Had a brief conversation about how we loved Srixon balls and I mentioned how his dad called me about my son out of the blue when we joined the club. He hit irons and putted...back and forth for a long time. Nice to see him on tv now.
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    I grew up playing wit John Daly’s dad and brother Jamie. Played with John a couple times nice family! But all times favorite bump into ? The junkyard dog! Pro wrastler! He used to jog in his shorts and played speed golf at Pine Valley.
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    Playing Pro Baseball in Arizona, got to play with a lot of other Pro guys (Clayton Kershaw, Zach Grienke, etc.) There is actually a LPGA event played every year during Spring Training, so I got to play a practice round with Blair O'Neal. Living in Florida, got to play with Lexi Thompson and Morgan Pressel.
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    Ran into Eli Manning at Pine Valley a few years ago.
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    A bunch of TN Titans and Predators were at my former club in Nashville.

    Vince Gill and Amy Grant.

    Mike Ditka at a course in Naples.

    Played in a celebrity pro-am with country singer Steve Azar and one of the guys from Run DMC (he’d never been on a golf course before).

    I told Barney Miller he couldn’t play through our group....I didn’t recognize him.

    Spanky from the Little Rascals and Don Drysdale in my group once.

    Charley Pride.

    T. Boone Pickens joined our table for drinks once after a round.

    Used to play golf with a few songwriters in Nashville and Faith Hill showed up to try and get a song out of one of them during lunch. It was before she was a superstar.

    Jerry Reid owned a condo on a course I played in college and he’d follow us around drunk and heckle/bs with us.

    Played at Crystal Downs and was hitting balls and casually chatting with a nice old guy....found out he was the recently retired Chairman of the Board of Shell Oil.
    Amy Grant and Faith Hill ? Ah... you win ! !
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    Ferguson wrote:

    Uh... looking good Ferg ! Who is it ?
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    Since the Pats just won another Super Bowl.... plyed in a tournament with former Iowa Hawkeye and NE pro Marv Cook years ago.

    I chipped in on the 9th and 18th hole for eagle and birdie. Marv said both times “ nice shot Rook, go get us a beer.” lol
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    Ghostwedge wrote:

    Ferguson wrote:

    Uh... looking good Ferg ! Who is it ?

    That's not Ferg.
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    Ferguson wrote:

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    Kevin Costner and Tim Finchem at Cypress Point the week of the ATT Pro Am. Was actually supposed to play with Kevin but he ended up bailing due to weather just prior to teeing off. We played through the elements because, well, it's Cypress. Kevin was super nice but a bit aloof. Tim spent 5 or so minutes trying to get to know me while I was on the putting green. I was 16 at the time and didn't really want to chat with him but he kept bothering me hahah.

    Played Pebble with former PGA player Jim McGovern that same weekend. Dude was a riot. He played absolutely awful, I played unreal for me, and I ended up beating him. He didn't break 80...woof

    Last summer I saw Brady Quinn and AJ Hawk at a club in Columbus. They were having a little family round. Both super nice guys. Brady was telling me how hungover he was and how long of a night he had... yet he looked like the spent the morning at the salon getting all dolled up. Dude apparently looks beautiful even when unshowered and hungover. AJ was giving him s*** for that.

    I caddied for Allen Houston at Muirfield Village. Seemed nice but I kind of stayed out of his way.

    There have been others, I just can't really remember. In Scottsdale from time to time I will see guys on the course who are athletes in town for a game playing but I never interact with them. Like I saw Vince Carter on the 9th green at TPC Scottsdale Champions last year with other players but I didn't try to interact with him or anything. Its not uncommon to see athletes at courses here this time of year (Spring training, NBA in season, off season training centers for NFL draft players, etc).
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  • DavePelz4DavePelz4 A golf course in the Chicago area.ClubWRX Posts: 24,339 ClubWRX
    Hoping someday to hear a rather eloquent gentleman rapsing quixotically regarding his superciliousness towards Mickelson.

    When that happens, I'll politely extend a hand in friendship and say "It's great to meet you Fergie!"
  • FergusonFerguson Members Posts: 4,701 ✭✭
    DavePelz4 wrote:

    Hoping someday to hear a rather eloquent gentleman rapsing quixotically regarding his superciliousness towards Mickelson.

    When that happens, I'll politely extend a hand in friendship and say "It's great to meet you Fergie!"

    And that juncture would be all my pleasure.
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    i was working at Stone Mountain Golf Club.. Summer of 2002.. Dean Cain played that day.. He came in and asked for us to call him a cab.. We did.. He left.. We saw him on our security cam waiting at the bag drop for the cab.. a car w/ 2 girls in it pulled up.. and he got in!! Thats my famous story..

    I had him sign a scorecard for my wife.. he signed it "SUPER luck in life" dean cain.. what a toolbag!!
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    MJ played through my group once at a private club near Chicago. Gave us a wave but never took the stogie out of his mouth.

    Also have ran in to Biran Urlacher and Gale Sayers at the same club.
  • CRAFTYLEFTY20CRAFTYLEFTY20 Members Posts: 41 ✭✭
    Sean Austin aka Rudy Ruddiger, Anthem country club Las Vegas
  • SourpussSourpuss Members Posts: 701 ✭✭
    condoleezza rice, the guy who invented botox, kevin costner, don johnson, m jorden, stedman graham and more
  • davep043davep043 Members Posts: 3,101 ✭✭
    In the clubhouse at MidSouth in Pinehurst I met John Derr. Mr. Derr covered 62 Masters tournaments, starting in 1935, for print, then radio, then television, and was 95 or 96 at the time. He told my wife and I a story, said my wife reminded him of when he met Grace Kelly, and moved on. To read some of his stories, get a copy of "My Place at the Table."
  • Two years ago in Scottsdale my wife and I were joined by Ellis Burks, two-time major league all-star, who played in the majors for 18 years. He is now an executive with the San Francisco Giants.
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    Willie Nelson.... he showed up at the course in a T-shirt..(large marijuana leaf on the front) and shorts... I was an assistant pro there and had to sell him a collared shirt so he could play....I asked him if he found any par 7 or 8s out there and without missing a beat he says"yep... birdied a couple of them" (he had "personal par" on his course he owned)

    Roosevelt Bouie.. basketball player in the 80's... actually regripped his Ping Eye2's for him... talk about extra length...sheesh..he is 6'11" longest irons I've ever seen
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  • Joe V.Joe V. Members Posts: 255 ✭✭
    Summer, 1996 The Homestead Resort, Hot Springs, VA.

    I was playing the Lower Cascades Course with some family members and hit a nice drive on 18. Hit my 9 iron approach shot to about 10-12 feet. From behind me I hear "nice shot". Turn around and about 25 yards away it's none other than Sam Snead himself in his cart, big old Wilson staff bag on the back with his dog tagging along behind. I babbled some kind of "thank you" and off he drove.

    Fortunate I didn't know he was there before I hit, or who knows where the shot would have gone!

    Surreal moment and one I'll never forget.
  • shadymgshadymg Members Posts: 169 ✭✭
    Late last year i played in front of *GULP* Darryl Strawberry and his dad at Oak Creek. Could not have been a nicer human being! The starter was so giddy about him being there that he lectured my buddy and I about playing speed so Mr Strawberry didn't have to wait, and to pick up the ball if needed. Darryl looks at us and goes, "Nah, forget that. Just play and have a great time."
  • rbgndfwrbgndfw Members Posts: 12 ✭✭
    Probably I was at my most awestruck in my younger days when I encountered Gordie Howe and Al Kaline at a local course I used to play when I was in high school. I was standing at the tee box years ago at the Hawaiian Open when Arnold Palmer walked up to tee off. As he passed me he said, "how are you to today?" and the universe stood still. Judy Rankin and I had a near head on collision with our luggage carts at the Edinburgh Airport the Monday after the 2002 Open Championship at Muirfield. She was very nice.
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