Another wedge question...

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I’m trying to round out my set with new Glide wedges. Going off a 46 degree PW. Should I go with a 50 or 52 degree GW and 56 degree SW, or something else? I only want to add 2 wedges and wanted thoughts on what works best for others.


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    52/58 would be my route with a 46 pitching wedge. You could do 50/56, 50/58 as well
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  • pakpak Posts: 128 ✭✭
    The 52/58 route sounds like a good compromise. Thanks
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    I play a 47* Pw and went to 52/58. I liked it for a while but I am debating going to a 54/60 as it would give me more flexibility around the greens. You have to feel pretty comfortable when you hit 52* flops off tight lies.

    If you would use the 52* as more of a full shot gap wedge and chips it's not bad, but I found the 54* is a little more versatile and only lost a few yards in the gap.

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