LTD Pro VS. F8+

joliver233joliver233 Posts: 309 ✭✭
Has anyone compared these two drivers yet? I have gamed and loved the LTD Pro for the past year, but am intrigued by the F8+. How much better, if at all, is the F8+? I am looking to get fit at least for the right shaft and might buy a whole new set up if it's worth it.

D: 9* G400 LST w/Oban Kiyoshi Purple 05/X
3W: 14.5* Cobra F8+ w/Even Flow Blue X
Irons: 716 AP2 3-PW w/KBS C-Taper S+
Wedges: 50* SM6; 54*, 58* SM7 w/DG s400
Putter: TM Spider Tour Black w/t sightline
Ball: Srixon Z-Star XV
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