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    I guess I must be the only one.

    You play a sport where people routinely shell out $200 greens fees for four hours of fun on a Saturday afternoon. Why would you do that when a movie ticket is only $7? What a bunch of chumps!

    You're (one of) the only ones who has not getting ripped off high on his list of golf priorities. I could care less about $20 here and there, I just want to have fun and get cool stuff. If I was shopping for something like new phones for my office I'd be merciless, but very few of us (IMO) think that way about golf.

    Most of us (Again, IMO) would much rather there be as many sellers of cool stuff here as possible and we don't really care if we get "ripped off" for a couple bucks grabbing something sweet.

    Cool perspective, thanks for the insight.
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    TommyOC wrote:

    Fingers crossed this includes "great stuff GLWS!", "if only I had the funds this would be mine!", and "if only it were...I'd be all over it!" Posts

    You forgot the greatest one ever: " i just bought this on friday arghh if only i knew.."

    I dont really mind those its just not for me
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    I actually almost bought one of those Club Cameron bags from someone for $100 until I realized that the entire package including 1 year membership in Club Cameron, a SC headcover, the SC bag and also some other trinkets like a ball marker were all selling for $100+ shipping. Thankfully I noticed it when trying to see how much the bag was actually worth, otherwise I would have felt like I got ripped off. I guess I must be the only one.

    Yes you probably are.

    You were completely out of line in what you did. You went into a poster's BST ad for the Scotty Cameron headcover - an ad that you had no interest in buying from - and posted a link to the Scotty Cameron Club website. Just to prove some sort of point.

    If someone wants to pay $90 or $100 for the Scotty Cameron bag because they don't want the other trinkets that come in the $125 Club Cameron package, we have no problem with that. And if the buyer and the seller are completely happy - who are you or anyone else to say otherwise?

    Going to close this down now as the comments certainly seem to have run their course.
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