Edel wedges - anyone been fitted? have them?

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For the past few months, I have been in awe over the Edel E3 putter. I randomly stumbled upon this putter at my local golf store one day when messing around in there. I have gone back to this store maybe 10-15 times since then and every time I grab this putter and hit a few putts and every time I putt like the old Tiger with it lol. I am ready to throw my Scotty in the trash. i even took my putter in the store and hit them side by side one day and feel much better with the Edel than my Scotty.

so me and a buddy have an appointment the first week in May to go down to the Edel factory in Austin and do a full tour of the facility and get custom fit for putters.

i am super excited. but while i am at it. i have since stumbled upon some online reviews for Edel wedges and again, they get nothing but good reviews and good said about them. so i think i am going to get fitted for wedges while i am at it. curious if anyone knows much abou their wedges? would i be dumb to think about replacing my Miura with Edel?
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    I've had my Edel putter for almost five years and got a couple of their wedges about six months ago (see my WITB link for pics). They make superb products and their customer service is excellent.

    I think they had eight different grinds at one point but that's no longer the case. (My motivation was finding the proper grind since I had been self-fitting Vokeys in the past.)

    The one thing I point out whenever someone asks about Edel is that the price is comparable to customizing an off-the-rack wedge. Mine were $190 each, which included the shaft and grip of my choice, wraps, loft and lie adjustment to my specs, etc., plus the there is no fitting fee if you buy clubs. A new Vokey with a TTDG S200 is already $150, so ...
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    Make sure you don't get too much relief and too thin a sole in your lower lofted wedges if you do go the Edel route. When we had Scratch we did a ton of fittings for people playing lower lofted Edel wedges that were very difficult to use because they had a lot of relief and a very narrow effective sole.
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    The putter fitting is second to none. However I was less than impressed with the wedges. Your mileage may vary
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    I have Edel wedges. 55 and 60 in driver grind. Shafted with KBS Tour 90. They are very nice. Did everything over phone. Gave them some trackman data and they shafted the wedges to match my Edel Forged CB iron set that has KBS Tour 90. Picked the paintfill and had my 3 sons names engraved on them. 6 year old on the 55 and my 4 year old twin boys on the 60. Top notch customer service and products.

    Thinking about restarting irons and wedges. I bought irons 2nd hand. They might be a tad light. I bought a new set this winter and wedges. Gonna be a show down soon. Golf league starts April 6th. Whatever leads to lowest average scores Will be in the bag.
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    I'm looking at Edel wedges as well. I play primarily from firm sand conditions (sometimes wet, but never fluffy). For those of you acquainted with Edel wedge grinds which would you suggest for my 56* and 60* wedges?
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    I'm looking at Edel wedges as well. I play primarily from firm sand conditions (sometimes wet, but never fluffy). For those of you acquainted with Edel wedge grinds which would you suggest for my 56* and 60* wedges?

    Best bet is to check out their site if you're not going to go for a fitting.

    I went through the wedge fitting back in 2014 and really learned a lot about my wedge game and my swing with wedges. I bought a 51, 56 and 60. I've been happy with them overall. I knew the fitter from a few prior run-ins so he gave me a great fitting and also made some suggestions if I decided to look at other wedge companies.

    I think the fitting is really helpful if you don't really know much about your wedges and what you should look for. I knew a lot about golf clubs already but went in blind to the fitting as far as expectations. I was given a bachelors degree's worth of info by the end! I think the products are good but you could see similar results with just about any wedge if it's fit to your swing (or you fit to it's design).

    All in all, first check the site. If you don't understand what is going on given the results of that, you could A) get a fitting or B) look at other wedges. If there was a miracle wedge out there, everyone on tour would be playing them!
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    I got fitted for my 50/55/60 wedges. I have the various grinds and I have a lot of bounce as I’m generally a digger. They are good wedges so enjoy and definitely go to a certified place. I went to club champion for my fitting.
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    Thanks all - What I'm searching for is which Edel grind WRX members are using effectively when playing out of wet/firm bunkers.
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    A pro who uses and fits Edel wedges has this advice: go for an outdoor fitting - he says you'll get the best feel for what the clubs can do, especially with their very high bounce.
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