Nylon putting mats roughing up?

eyeeyeeyeeye Members Posts: 69 ✭✭
Hello everyone. I noticed something strange with a putting mat I have, and was wondering if any have experienced anything similar to this.

So I have a Odyssey putting mat I purchased about 8 years ago, but haven't used much.

Just pulled it out recently to putt on it again, and noticed all my putts would steer right, when it's on a perfectly level ground.

It's a nylon putting mat, and upon taking a closer look, I realized it has a direction on the fibers going right.

Never had the issue before, so I think the top surface have gotten a bit roughed up over the years. It is definitely rough at the moment.

Has anybody experienced anything similar? Is there a cure to this maybe?

Thanks a bunch! Below is a photo of the product I have.

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