Why are players like Davis Love and Goosen still bothering with the tour?



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    Cuz they can still finish above Mike Weir.
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    lowheel wrote:

    MattyO1984 wrote:

    I have an image in my head of Goosen getting turned away with a fake ID as he tries to get into a Champions Tour event...come back next year son!

    1) I am not a davis fan

    Any particular reason that you would expand on?

    Nah but my points are no fanboy posts regarding why I believe a player like him would still pursue the regular tour. Mostly, he has earned it

    See thats reasonable. i marveled at his length in the early-mid 90s. Watching him majestic 1 irons on the range was very impressive. Like you, not a fan but hes earned it. 21 wins and a major is nothing to sneeze at

    If you're talking about Goosen, he has two majors. Shinnecock and Southern Hills US Opens.
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    They do it for the strange.

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    Nicklaus won 8 senior majors. He didn't stop playing until he was 63. If he did it I am not sure why Tiger and Phil wouldn't.
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