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Ping G 15 Irons w/ power spec lofts?

Joehacker2Joehacker2 Members Posts: 12 ✭✭
Over the winter, I've been working with a pro to finally rid myself of my steep, out-to-in downswing. Mission accomplished. My pro then checked/refitted my irons and said I now need to have them bent flatter, from a yellow to black lie angle. This will help throttle back the very hard draw/hook I'm now hitting.

I contacted Ping and the rep confirmed that they can adjust the G 15's to a black dot, but also confirmed they could bend the lofts to power spec lofts while they are in being adjusted.

I'm a short hitter (63, 7 iron carry=130 yds) so I like the idea of getting a little more carry distance via the power spec lofts. I understand there is a corresponding reduction in the bounce angle, but is there a downside to doing this? The G15's are really easy to get the ball airborne, will there be any difference? Does the ball tend to roll out even more due to the lower ball flight? I'm not looking for distance via more roll out; I'm looking for a bit more controlled carry distance.

Has anyone done this before? What were your experiences?

Thanks, in advance, for your input.


  • jwb10jwb10 Major Winner Advanced Members Posts: 880 ✭✭
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    Joe, I have (and had) PowerSpec lofts. At your clubhead speed and with your tendency to hook, they wouldn't help. The lofts you have now are plenty strong and you might get less distance, not more , with lower lofts. Hit'em straight
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