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Just pulled the trigger on a new Garmin G10. This thing is great and is priced right as I got a new one off ebay for $99. It is tiny and easily fits on your belt look and most of the time I never even take it off as you can just quickly look while its on the side of your belt.. The size is awesome as its tiny and I never even notice its on my best loop. ITs a little bit bigger than a quarter so that is sweet

It is very accurate as my buddy has a laser and my numbers were within 3 yards on 3 different courses so I am not worried about accuracy.

It also does a great job giving you 3 options a quick glance as it shows front, center and middle. You can quickly get to a green view and move the pin if you want more exact yardages.

The part that I love is the layup option as it will tell you the distance to lay up if you want to be 200, 150, or 100 out. It also has a hazzard piece as well telling you how far it is to carry a hazzard.

All in all the size, price, and easiness of this unit is second to none. Very easy to use and the best part is how small this unit it.
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  • bogey69bogey69 Dad2kjaa Members Posts: 46
    Thanks for this, exactly what I was looking for!
  • Jmm96Jmm96 Members Posts: 52 ✭✭
    I concur. Absolutely love my Garmin G10. I tried 3 other golf GPS units before discovering the G10. Major selling points were it's size and the fact that it keeps score as well. It is so small that I worry about losing it constantly. Fits in any pocket easily, but I kept dropping it due to it's size. So I started clipping it to my belt. But that wasn't ideal either. So I bought an ID badge retractable clip on Amazon and it is perfect. You can invert the screen in the settings and now it's easily readable at a quick glance. It's also the quickest GPS unit I've used. It locks the satellites quicker and is very accurate. It automatically prompts you for score after every hole and tallies the round when finished.

    I could not recommend this little GPS golf unit more. It's now only $99. Slightly more than other small GPS units but worth every penny.
  • BkgeneralBkgeneral Posts: 329 ClubWRX
    I have used this for about 2 years now. Big fan. I previously used the Garmin watch and then the Bushnell Neo. The size is great, and holds a charge for 36 holes easily. You can move the pin, give you some hazards, and keep your stats. For $100 hard to beat.
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