What do you think needs to improve?

sync71sync71 Jr. Boomers Posts: 1,534
What part of your golf game do you think needs to improve the most. Do you need more distance, does your shortgame need to get better. I know everyone is trying to get there game better but what do you think would improve it the most.

Me personally I would say I need to be more consistent with my irons and wedges. One day I hit them great the next it's horrid. I also need to start getting less 3 putts.


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    putting and GIR!!!!!!
  • animalisticanimalistic 7th Hole Ballybunion !! Jr. Boomers Posts: 1,235
    my swing plane is too flat and as a result im very incostinent.i have distance to burn but if i was more upright it would be long in the fairway and not o.b!!!!!
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    i feel u
  • animalisticanimalistic 7th Hole Ballybunion !! Jr. Boomers Posts: 1,235
    thanks flo!!! have you found any scottys you like yet or are you still shoppin around to replace the t740???
  • cjdrcccjdrcc Jr. Boomers Posts: 543
    My game could use more GIR and putting. The putter will get hot and then stone cold, but then again my stroke sucks so it makes sense. The GIR is just not picking clubs correctly and feeling the need to hit a 7 185. So I could use some common sense as well.
  • golfer_juniorgolfer_junior Members Posts: 1,152
    I need to improve my tempo.
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    I need to work on most thing, but I mostly need to work on my long irons, planning my way around a course and my short game needs a little more help.
  • SCameron009SCameron009 ¡~WRX~! Members Posts: 1,783 ClubWRX
    TeMpO - and pretty much being smart out there on the golf course!

    - Bryan
  • TReedTReed Members Posts: 289
    putting and also course management. It would also help to have straighter drives
  • GooseGoose Junior Mod Squad Posts: 1,270 ✭✭
    My long game is my strength. driving the ball long and relatively straight.. i hit really strong long irons even though i dont hit them often since i hit the ball a long way off of the Tee. My iron game is always sharp, my swing is extremely consistent and grooved. I need to work on my short game since as you all know its never good enough. but my main focus is my mental game and preparation. i always feel i am prepared mentally then have one mental lapse over the course of a round that can really **** me over. My mental game is my focus reading lots of books and digesting everything i learn will only make me better.

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  • GolferGal2009GolferGal2009 about that.... Members, Jr. Boomers Posts: 466
    I need to work on my swing form. I just want it to look cooler and feel stronger and more centered. Putting is also major. The putter I have now is too long which messes me up so I might look for some 33" ones over spring break, It's the arrow not the indian.
  • I think the biggest thing for me to work on is my focus. I bet i lose 2 or 3 strokes a round because i don't think the distance through enough and hit the wrong club. If i could stay mentally focused for 18 holes and know exaclty what i would like to do on every shot i'd be in great shape.

  • sync71sync71 Jr. Boomers Posts: 1,534
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    As a few of you guys said I really need to work on my mental game. Cause I go out there and once I have a bad hole it seems I just can't bring myself back and I get all mad and that only hurts me more. Also is with my mental game is when we are playing a slow round because of groups that were stuck behind and things like that I tend to lose focus.
  • italianstallionitalianstallion Bethpage Black - 8th hole Junior Mod Squad Posts: 3,016 ✭✭
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    Iron shots, for sure. For every round I hit them perfect, I have 5 rounds where I can't hit them at all. Everything else is going smooth and consistent.

    And the metal side of this game is another thing I need to master. When I get down on myself, I'm done.
  • franmel123franmel123 Posts: 256
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    It's the Clevelands!! i'm pretty sure. Cleveland = wedges, miura = irons! don't take this as an offence please
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  • bjacksonbjackson Win The Day Marshals Posts: 5,689 mod
    can always improve short game and putting. course management on short par 4's and reachable par 5's. dont know how many times i have tried and regretted hitting driver instead of a long iron, or hitting a 3 wood second shot when 7 iron wedge would get me the same score, with more consistant results. i think we can all relate to that
  • BigT7BigT7 Posts: 245 ✭✭
    Putting-I could hit all the GIR i want, but then ill still take 36+ putts a round...thats no good.

    Big T
  • ScottWS33ScottWS33 Up and down for par Jr. Boomers Posts: 1,379
    My short game could hold it's own against most people but I'm not a good driver or iron player. I don't hit it that far and I suffer from a bad hook. I certainly hope to improve this over the forthcoming season and see my handicap come tumbling down.
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  • KingOAcesKingOAces Jr. Boomers Posts: 739
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    course management. I always find myslef writing checks my game can cash.

  • bgizzlebgizzle Members Posts: 25
    Hit more fairways, get rid of my hook for good( getting used to weaker grip now), and make more putts
  • kblakeney35kblakeney35 Jr. Boomers Posts: 937
    My short game is great but can always improve. I'm relatively straight off the tee but have lost some distance over the last couple months. Irons also very straight but still kind of short. I can always live with being shorter but straighter than most but it would definitely help my game to gain some yards.

    So, in summary:

    1)chipping & putting(will never be good enough)

  • sebastiansebastian Banned Posts: 123
    I need to gain some 40 pounds of muscle. 5'7 125 pounds
  • greenmachine0227greenmachine0227 Members Posts: 303
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    I'm working on lots of things in my game right now. In my downswing, I've developed a drop where my arm gets stuck and I end up flipping the club right before impact leading to inconsistent contact and some wild hooks. I'm trying to get my right albow more on top of my stomach before impact. I'm also working on playing more bump and run shots around the green. I feel like right now I'm just over using my wedges around the greens when I could be using a 7,8 iron and getting better results. I also spent all winter working on my short distance putting(10ft and in) so now it's time to fine tune the lag putting. By early May everything should be back to where it belongs.

    And fairway bunker play. Definitely need to work on that. But I guess if I learned to hit the ball straighter I wouldn't need to. image/smile.png' class='bbc_emoticon' alt=':kewlpics:' />
  • BigT7BigT7 Posts: 245 ✭✭
    sebastian wrote on Mar 5 2006, 06&#58;31 AM:

    I need to gain some 40 pounds of muscle. 5'7 125 pounds

    I'm with you there! I'm only 5' 9" 125 lbs.
  • hacker17hacker17 Dan the Man Members Posts: 774
    BigT7 wrote on Mar 5 2006, 06&#58;48 PM:

    sebastian wrote on Mar 5 2006, 06&#58;31 AM:

    I need to gain some 40 pounds of muscle. 5'7 125 pounds

    I'm with you there! I'm only 5' 9" 125 lbs.

    I need to loose 40 pounds and more girs wouldn't help.
  • kkherekkhere Jr. Boomers Posts: 1,138
    I would like to see more conistency with my irons
  • nuffy12nuffy12 Jr. Boomers Posts: 150
    i need to improve consistency if i was consistent i would be awesome but i suppose that is the same with everyone. I mean some strikes it'l be perfect but then most of the time its just average.
  • i_luv_golf_i_luv_golf_ Jr. Boomers Posts: 428
    Need To Give Up The Sweets, Eat Way More Types Of Food And Lots More Food. (I Weigh 5.5 stone and i'm 4' 11'')

    For My Game I Need To Work On My Consistency Like Mad, Putting Stroke, Short Game Is Very Good But Inconsistent But Can Always Be Improved, Need To Work On How Long I Last Before Feeling Weak, That Means Bringing The Dog For Jogs Every Evening Twice Around The Block And Playing At Least 24 Holes A Day, EMMMMM........ STRENGTH-Hopefully I Can Get My Hands On A Powerball
  • rednumbers69rednumbers69 NW AZ player of the year 2007 Jr. Boomers Posts: 1,027
    short game tempo and COURSE MANEGMENT
  • allsouthpaw08allsouthpaw08 Lefty Boomers Posts: 228
    short game for sure, you cant ever get good enough at that!!! and im terrible right now so i got to find my groove...
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