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Stories, tips, and knlowledge about finding golf balls
Do you have any stories about hunting for golf balls or finding them on the course? Any suggestions for people planning on hunting for golf balls? Do you use any tools to help find balls? How do you feel about hunting for golf balls? Best balls you find hunting?

Personally, I do it when the course is empty and I'm not holding anyone up.


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    I have a lineup of golf balls that I've claimed as 'trophies' while on the course....silly things like finding a Mets Callway Warbird, or a promotional golf ball with a corporate logo...things like that.

    Otherwise, I don't usually hunt too hard
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    I usually don't "hunt" for balls myself. but sometimes my wife wants to come out to the course with me to spend time together but doesn't want to play. So she has a few prime spots she goes to look for golf balls in the woods and usually comes out with around 20 golf balls. These are usually nice balls that have been sliced once into the woods. Amazing how many ProV1s she find back there.
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    I used to do that as a kid and found lots of balls. Most people you see doing it now are old retired men with nothing better to do. Kinda sad actually.
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    I put a ball, just a Pinnacle Gold with my company's logo on it that I had gotten for free, into a ball washer at a course we were playing. The washer was the type that has 4 slots and spins around, not the plunger type. So I spin the handle a few times, open the cover, and out comes a Nike One! It wasn't magic, my cheap Pinnacle was still in there too, but someone must have put more than one ball in to wash it and forgot to take all of them back out. The foursome had a good laugh, and we decided it might be a concept for a golf ball TV ad -put in your cheapo ball, it turns into a high end brand, and you go on to play the round of your life.
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    I usually only hunt when the course is empty and thats where I find most of the balls I play. I belong to a little private club that has a lot of places for people to lose balls. I will go on a big hunt maybe once a month. I find a lot of Pro V1's, Pinnacles, Nikes (but very few ONE's) and Top Flites.
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    My buddy used to have a house on a course down in San Diego.

    At night after a few... we would hop the fence in his backyard an go down to a pond fronting the green for the hole his house was on.

    We would get the sandtrap rakes and go to the "honeypot" where all the balls collected in the pond and scoop them out... literally hundreds of balls every time... he got married and moved. I wonder who inherited the "honey pot"?

    I know one guy I won't play with because he uses his ball retriever more than his golf clubs.... he will literally disappear during the course of play for 10 minutes at a time.... always snags 40-50 balls. Last time I played with him I suggested he not count his strokes per hole, but number of found balls per hole..... he took me seriously! Now from what I have been told, he keeps 2 cards every round...
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    I was out today for the third round after not playing golf for 10 + years. I was by myself at a municipal course. It was fairly quiet late in the afternoon. I was playing my new Pinnacle Exceptions, trying to break 100 and not lose sight of my shots. It can be hard to keep your head down and follow your shots.

    I lost about 3 of mine but found a dozen. They were laying on the course, behind some trees, in bushes, etc. I always looked around to try to see if someone had hit them or was searching for them.

    I found 2 nice Nikes, 2 decent Noodles, a new Precept, quite a few Top Flite XLs. Most were in good shape, only one was old. No really high end balls as it is a municipal course, about 7000 yards.

    I was stunned. I was getting distracted and started looking for balls after a while because they seemed to be everywhere. Like an Easter egg hunt. I almost went back to this tree brush area to look for my Pinnacles after the round.
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    I don't normally go out just to hunt for balls, but if I am playing and find a ball I will pick it up. If I have put mine into some thick stuff (which we don't hope for), and I find some while I am looking for mine then I will pick them up, but normally I don't just go out on a big search, and normally don't find to many good balls.
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    I have a good mate who travels around the state with his work and when he knocks off he don's the wet suit and scuba gear and searches the ponds and lakes and as he collects logos keeps them and he cleans the others up and sells the remainder back to the clubs.
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    don't really hunt for ball but i wall along the tree line and rocks. i would say that i have found well over 500 pro 1s, 250 nike ones, 30 hx tours, over all aleast 10000 golf balls in two years. i give them to kids and send them to iraq for troups. i keep the good one pro v's nike ones, one that cost $$$...
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