Arccos Smart Grips vs. 360

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Searched and surprised at the lack of attention the new grips are getting. Maybe they’re still too new, but I was hoping someone can help me understand the difference between the new grips and the traditional screw-in model’s subscription differences.

If you buy the grips, in order to get the tracking + caddie functionality you would pay $99 a year. But if you just purchase the screw-in/360 system, you already receive the tracking and the subscription for caddie would be $50 a year?

So in 10 years one would pay $500 more just for using the grips, plus the added cost of grips every few years? Does that sound right?

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    Talk about about putting the cart before the horse...they want you to have to use their specific grip, whether it fits you or not, because it has a built in sensor for their shot-tracking gadget.

    They are pitching this at very sadly confused individuals IMO. The purpose of golf clubs, including grips, is to play golf. The tracker is just an add-on.
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    I hadn't realized that they released the Smart Grips, thought it had something to do with Cobra clubs only. I much prefer the built in grip sensors over the screw in type. I would actually consider buying these (once the Android app is up to snuff).

    The subscription model is a bit aggressive, with them bundling the basic tracking service (which is included in cost of the standalone sensor package) and the Arccos caddie service ($50).

    For the replacement Smart Grips, the cost is $7.50/empty grip, or $10 for sensor+grip. The smart grips come in a pack of 13, plus 1 screw in type sensor for the putter. The cost of the grips is $97.50 and the sensors

    are $52.50, representing about $200 less than the Arccos 360 sensor bundle.

    Assuming that the sensors are comparable with Arccos 360 (which retails on the site for $250, but includes the tracking service), appears that the cost breaks down as follows:


    Arccos 360:

    $250 up front cost

    $ 0 tracking service

    $ 50/yr Arccos Caddie (optional)

    2 yr cost $250 (tracking only). $350 (inc. caddie)

    3 yr cost: $250 (tracking only). $400 (inc. caddie)

    5 yr cost $250 (tracking only). $500 (inc. caddie)


    Smart Grips:

    $150 up front cost (~$50 is for the sensors)

    $ 99/yr (tracking + caddie)

    ****Feasibly, you could discount the cost here with the benefit of brand new grips and subtract $100 from the amounts, since $50 of the $150 is for the sensors.

    2 yr cost: $350 (tracking + caddie) (****$250 if you count only sensor cost as $100 is for the grip cost)

    3 yr cost: $450 (tracking + caddie) (****$350)

    5 yr cost: $650 (tracking + caddie) (****$550)


    Given that technology (especially in this space) is constantly evolving, I can see myself upgrading to newer tech sooner than later. 2-3 yrs probably (ain't nobody gonna be using these in 5 yrs, let alone 10 yrs - the tech will be ancient). With my strong preference for the Smart Grips over the screw in type sensors, the choice for me is clear. I would pay extra anyway for the built in sensors over the screw in type, but with the above, Caddie is thrown in for just a small additional fee.

    Now they just gotta keep working on the android app.
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    Reached out to Arccos customer support with the question. Here's their response:


    Thank you for reaching out to the Arccos Golf Team. Yes, that is the case for the 2. The connect grips have the $99 a year subscription and that includes the shot tracking and the Caddie feature. The 360 sensors include the shot tracking and have the optional Caddie subscription. These are the 2 paths that management and production have decided to go with. You are welcome to go with the path that sounds better in your eyes. Do keep in mind that purchasing the connect grips that the cost of a normal set of new grips is close to the $150 that you would be paying. So it is essentially a fresh new set of grips with the sensors and then a subscription fee.

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    For me personally, the 'subscription' model (i.e. - Smart Grips) makes more sense with techy kind of stuff. Whereas I might buy a car and use it over a 15 year life span, I've adopted subscription models with my cell phone and computer software, simply due to the frequency of updates and much shorter technology life cycle.
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    Is there any more news about these grips, would prefer the smart grips over the sensors on the end of the clubs. Don't want to go out and buy the sensors and then the grips to be released the next day.
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    Current Arccos users got an email yesterday about a pre-sale of the grips being available now.
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    Current Arccos users got an email yesterday about a pre-sale of the grips being available now.

    The Smart Grips do require a $99/yr subscription fee to use the app.
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    Now that Caddie 2.0 is free for Arccos 360 users, you would think that they would lower the price for the Smart Grip subscription. While it appears that 2 separate 'teams' within Arccos are handling Arccos 360 and Smart Grips, the elimination of the $99/yr fee now enhances the value of 360 while making the Smart Grips comparitively more expensive, since the change was made for one but not the other.
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    I think it comes down to horses for courses - all-in-one vs

    The 360 (of which I have 2 sets on different setups) is an all-in one solution that can be moved from set to set (for testing or those afflicted with GAS), which accounts for the higher price.

    The Smart Grips (SGs) are probably targeted at anyone looking for a fresh set of grips and want to use/try the service for a year. Best case, you have a new set of grips and a free month of their service (which I've found to be somewhat useful, especially in figuring out my actual club yardages vs how far i think i hit them); worst case, you have a set of grips which you needed anyway, and if you don't find any value in the online service, then I wouldn't bother subscribing - the grips are Lamkin and should last around 80-200 rounds YMMV
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    Any new updates on grip users? Pulled the trigger on these and got an update from Arccos that they are out of sensors due to holiday demand and want be shipping until early January? Love to hear more reviews. I use IOS as I've read the Android folks are a bit out of luck currently on the 2.0 updates.
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    update. Received my Arccos Grips and played first round 4:15 minutes. IOS 7 Phone. 100% charged and had 60% at end of round. Shot tracking was spot on. Putting had to make 3 corrections as it added puts that I didn't make. Putted everything out. Really amazed after 1 round how accurate this software is. The stats collected were very informative. Shot 71 on a par 72 course and showed I putting was my strength +5.4 putts gained and chipping was what hurt me the most 15-18 GIR's but only got up and down 1 time. Every clubs usage max distance and avg distance and what side you're missing on. For me right side is hardly ever in play and my miss is always left....only after 1 round. Will be curious to look back after 5 rounds to see more data. Very good value for the money. 99.00 fee for the year after spending 119.00 for the 13 grips and 1 putter sensor. Very satisfied if this performance continues. Had to make 2 edits to shots and that was because I took phone out of pocket and put in rear pocket on two par 3 tee shots. Really great system imo.
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