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  • An update from my previous post. I could not get this device to be seen by any computer. I tried two Mac's and two Windows computers. It would charge but just wouldn't be seen. I contacted Garmin and they said send it in or return to the store for a replacement. I turned it into the store but they did not give me a replacement and told me that they would contact Garmin about it. This didn't really bother me as I am not playing for awhile. I will post something when this gets resolved.
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    What are the general thoughts on the Z80 now? I love the concept and what it shows but I'm still a little cautions as it is a rev A product. I'll be in the market for a new range finder soon and not sure if I should go GPS & range finder or with this hybrid.

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    Recently returned mine and exchanged it for the Bushnell Pro X2. The Garmin was very good (and expensive) but seemed slow and had to "awake" too often. In addition, it was very sensitive too. Slight moves, side to side, were exaggerated and took the target out of view. Due to the technology, it also seemed a bit cloudy or blurred when looking through it. It did have some very cool features, but I was so used to more the point and shoot of the rangefinders and so I went back to that. The folks at Moon Golf, at their Melbourne FL store, were awesome and gladly worked with me. If you are ever in their areas (Melbourne, West Palm and/or Vero Beach....go see them. Their stores are stocked full of everything you can imagine, but more important, with qualified and knowledgeable folks.

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    After downloading an update for it a few weeks ago, the compass suddenly was way off, so the when lasering the pin, it would show the line as being in a completely different direction. I tried recalibration but it didn’t work, I also redownloaded all maps etc to no avail.
    I emailed the customer service and sent the device (just the device itself) back to Garmin and received a new one yesterday with all accessories too. This was 4 or 5 days after sending it back.

    I’m taking the new one out today so hopefully there’s no other problems but I’ve been impressed with their customer service so far

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    anybody have the SL1 Active Hybrid Laser Rangefinder With Green Undulation?

    the BUshnell hybrid is bland. Leaning Garmin Z80 or Voice Caddie's SLI.....unfortunately cant find any reviews on the Voice Caddie

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