Best belt I have ever owned....perfect for golf.



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    Marengo wrote:

    byflow2 wrote:


    anyone with a longish term review?

    Also they have a 25% off fathers day code now too.


    Only wish the material were a little less collapsible; tends to crimp at the back belt loop where a good leather belt won't. Also won't hang up without a special hanger. But they're light, comfortable, and look good. My whole life I've had a black belt and a brown belt, beyond that the concept of color coordinating belts is new for me. These are a fairly understated way to expand the palette. At that discount I might get a couple more.


    I picked one up and it is starting to fold on the back belt loop as well.

    I started with black and grey, which are the ones I initially criticized. With the father's day code I ordered khaki and mocha and they are even more flexible and crimp more easily.
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