Azahara Munoz Illness

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Aza announced today that for the last 3-4 years she’s been battling Hashimoto’s Disease. She’s been very weak and some of her hair fell out. She finally stopped trying to fight it alone and got medical treatment a year and a half ago. Happy for her. Did anyone have any idea she had been battling this?
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    Wow. After reading a bit about it, that sounds horrible. I'm glad she is getting treatment and listening to her body on when to slow down. I wish the best for her.
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    I heard about her illness for the first time a few tournaments back, when she spoke about it in a post-round interview. When I hear a back-story like this I have a greater appreciation for what the player has achieved in adversity. It also makes me a little more generous to all players - because they all have a back story we don't know!
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