LP 2018 v2

Tweaked my bag a bit for 2018 season

Driver: m4 9.5 *Speeder 757 evo tourspec Xtiff (stout!)

3w: 915F Fuji Pro 75g Stiff

Driving iron: 3i mp-18 HiFli bent to 18* pro modus 120g xflex

4-5i: MP-18 HiFli pro modus 120

6-8i: MP-18 SC pro modus 120

9-pw:MP-18 MB pro modus 120

51*: Fourteen RM-22 raw 125g pro modus wedge

55*: Fourteen RM-22 raw s400 132g

59*: Fourteen RM-22 raw s400 132g

Putter: Futura 5w 34”

Ball: TP5x 8171426f9aaad7fcbaf05b2e84ac91e5.jpg 2383dacf2f9f048a610ccf8f114060ac.jpg39f0cd277ff28d9e2950730dc8c3aa8c.jpgd90d0b53a76e6273b798952f89bda952.jpg3373ef4c15b3a9e03415501c9bd1f2c3.jpg4565d1ec9ba36077266f5f8a68e82b39.jpg4960743e6bd2829e9682841473e60fd2.jpg


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