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I want to send a massive thank you to JT for the fitting into a set of KBS C-Taper x130’s. I have never played x-stiff shafts in my irons, and I was a bit hesitant when he said that they might be the best setup for me. After about 15 mins on the range, and seeing the comparison with x-stiff c-tapers vs stiff, I was convinced. I had my old KBS tour 90’s stiff pulled and the x130s installed in my Titleist TMB/MB combo set. He also had me fitted to a D4 swing-weight. I played the first round with them today, and JT’s spec recommendations were spot on. If anyone is in the market for shafts, I highly advise you look into GreenGrassEvals, and talk to JT. This guy knows his stuff.

Here is a pic of my new setup. Feel free to hit me up if you have any questions.

Keep it in the short stuff fellas!



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