400 cc or smaller driver?



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    mikeybomp wrote:

    One thing I don't understand. Why does everyone laugh off the suggestion of a smaller driver. I and most others, can hit our 3 wood much straighter that our drivers,with a sweet spot the size of what, a dime or a nickel? Henrik Stenson uses his 3 wood, most of the time and he is always competitive. I use a TaylorMade Sldr Mini and lowered my handicap from 13 to 9 and fairways hit from 47% to 68%. Maybe we can all be a little more helpful and stop assuming everyone needs a 460cc Driver. Maybe some of you should buy an old persimmon driver and see how some of us learned how to play this great game. Sorry, I just needed to say this.

    It's not necessarily the 460cc that's the worst issue... it's the excessive shaft lengths combined with shafts that are too light, and on top of that progressively more ridiculous lie angles (like a 60 deg lie on a 46" driver).

    The ancient swingweight system was a decent stab at weighting clubs but only at 1/2" club shaft increments, with all clubs using the same shaft - from the days of wooden woods and same steel shafts as your irons. It takes no account whatsoever of total club mass, so a super lightweight shaft and driver clubhead should not be anywhereclose to the same swingweight as your irons. See Wishon's book on search for the perfect club.

    that's my rant image/swoon.gif' class='bbc_emoticon' alt=':swoon:' />

    And I do practice what i'm preaching... i've a Mizuno 611 head at 44" long, 56-1/2 deg Lie with a 100gm Nunchuk shaft in it (and have gone to all nunchuk in my irons too... so it's like the olden days with irons and woods all shafted with the same shaft for me ;-) )
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