Coolest moment on a golf course?

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For me it was when I was back in High School.

Sanctuary Golf Course - Now known as McDowell Mountain Golf Course (Scottsdale, Az)

Playing in the State qualifier. Wasn’t playing great but wasn’t bad at the time for me..6 over thru 15. My dad was the athletic director at the time so he typically wasn’t able to make it to any events. Hit a nice drive on the Par 4, 16th, 432yrds (now is hole 7 as they flipped the 9s). Had 154 in, pin on the right side of the green. 7 iron - landed about 5 yards short of the pin and to the right. Took the hill around and dunked it. I look up to my right and my dad had just walked up on the cart path.

Still have the ball to this day. 26 now.
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  • cardoustiecardoustie haha, we don't play for 5's Members Posts: 11,845 ✭✭
    For me it was winning a university golf tourney finishing eagle, bogey, then 4 birds straight. I wasn't awesome up to that point

    Being beside Moe on the range at an event is a close second

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  • FergusonFerguson Members Posts: 4,679 ✭✭
    Charity event in the late 90's hitting balls on the range with Fred and Greg.

    I stood there motionless as Norman hit 12 drivers in a row, I bet they all bounced within a 10-ft circle.

    Fred was hitting wedges (not for practice, but as he said, "burn up some time until this thing starts").
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    Last night I saw something cool. A chap I was playing with was very, very good at chipping. The rest of his game was variable but time and again he chipped to within a yard of the pin. Then on the 8th hole he topped it and sent the ball scurrying across the green. That's a bad green to do that on because at the back it drops off sharply through nettles down to a stream. So he swore and we began to commiserate.

    But instead the ball hit the flag stick, bounced back a foot then rolled forward and dropped in.
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  • MoonlightgrmMoonlightgrm Members Posts: 846 ✭✭
    I won't bore you with my golf accomplishments. I have had some terrific moments on the golf course, but the best might be a 4-man scramble in August of 2015. I normally do not play in these silly events, but this tournament was to honor my brother-in-law, Clifford, who lost his life for our country. My 4-some was my son, my nephew (Cliff's son), and my son's best friend (best man at his wedding in 2016). I desperately wanted to win this event for my nephew. We started par, birdie, bogey which put us behind the eight ball. We then carded 6 straight birdies and turned at 6-under par. The back side was a crazy ride of birdie after birdie. We parred the tenth, then birdied 11 through 18 winning the event by 4-strokes. Everyone contributed which was the cherry on top. My sister and her daughter greeted us as we walked off the 18th green with a few tears but lots of smiles for a great day and a wonderful memorial for Cliff, who loved golf as much as anyone!
  • BNGLBNGL Members Posts: 1,599 ✭✭
    First W's;

    High school-shot 71 first event of my senior year at our home invitational to win by 5.

    Collegiate-69-71-70 to get into a playoff, won on the second hole hitting a wedge from 122 to 6 inches.

    Professional- 67-68-67 bogey free the first two rounds, then bogeyed the opening two holes in the final round (after hearing from my brother/caddy that I had not made a bogey the past two rounds lol). Made 7 straight birdies on 4,5,6,7,8,9, and 10. That was a good feeling, not because of the check (which was not much lol). But because I knew that I was good enough to win, which is what I had worked so hard for, and long for. All the hours on the practice range, practice greens, broken relationships, its all worth it for that one moment where you see your name atop a leaderboard.
  • Nard_SNard_S Members Posts: 3,207 ✭✭
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    Play a 4 man scramble with 3 guys who literally do not play but for this one event.

    12 FIR & 14 GIR from me, at least 5 birdies from, all, we won our flight which was a volunteers fire dept. My brother's dept had not won against the other houses in 19 years.

    Steak & lobster was better than usual.
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  • Spooky67Spooky67 Members Posts: 1,330 ✭✭
    Had an ace on a 185yd par 3.
  • hahanicehahanice Members Posts: 346 ✭✭
    every day is awesome on a golf course... but earlier this year my dog came out with me. she can be really temperamental around new people, but she was great. need to play with her more often.
  • golfgirlrobingolfgirlrobin Members Posts: 2,307 ✭✭
    Met my husband waiting out a frost delay. Only good cold day, ever.
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  • Petunia SprinklePetunia Sprinkle Future King of France Unregistered Posts: 5,362 ✭✭
    All the cool moments have been having a good time with people I really like, and I have been blessed with way too many to count.
  • PetethreeputPetethreeput Members Posts: 1,430 ✭✭
    Early morning round by myself. I pulled my ball to the left of the green. The grounds crew is telling me to move slower.

    Great Horned Owl was in a low limb (15’ off the ground) just watching the grounds crew and me. May have been 30’ from me.

    Close second? Black bear cub in a tree off the third green.
  • RSinSGRSinSG ClubWRX Posts: 3,068 ClubWRX
    Best round ever was the only time I played with my pops. He was a good player pre WW2 but service and then a family ended that part of his life. I started playing when I was 16 or so and when I was probably 21 I convinced him to play a round with me. He was a national champion 1/4 miler in high school and was always athletic, but he hadn’t played since before I was born.

    At the time I was not a very good golfer. I was more interested in how far rather than how many and so my game with my dad was very casual- no scorecards. It only took a few holes for him to get his old mojo back, and I was awed by pretty slow rising draws. I literally did not have a clue he could hit such a pure shot. He had no short game which wasn’t a surprise considering a 28 year layoff, and he lost interest before we finished the round.

    There was one hysterical moment that was a good memory for both of us. He was 20 - 30 feet or so behind a palm tree and announced he was going to bend a 3w around the tree rather than punch out. He hit it flush, and straight. Dead center in the tree and the ricochet sailed back past both of us at warp speed. It was a shared story for a long time.

    He never wanted to play again and never did. This was 1972ish and it’s a clear memory to me all these years later. Now that I’m a cranky retired guy with better insight on what is truly important in life, if I could alter the past it would include me pestering him to play some more with me. If your pops is still around don’t pass an opportunity to get him out on the course with you. If he doesn’t play buy him some clubs and lessons and do what you can to get involved. It’s some of the best one on one time, and you will cherish the memory when you become the dad or when he is gone.
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  • ShipwreckShipwreck Members Posts: 3,723 ✭✭
    My hole in one is pretty high up there (even being a WRXer it doesn’t happen every day) but I would have to say it was the first time I ever went to a tournament, which happened to be the US Open at Torrey Pines. My buddy won 2 tickets for Friday (Tiger and Phil were paired) and it was amazing. The energy of the crowd was something I don’t think you can experience anywhere else.

    One year I went to the Match Play Championships and I was 5 feet away from Charles Schwartel when he teed off. The sound that came from that driver was like nothing I had ever heard on the course. I have played with some amazing golfers, a few former pros and top collegiate players yet that sound from his driver, coupled with the incredible penetrating ball flight left me in total awe.

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  • mstrammstram Members Posts: 188 ClubWRX
    Holing out for birdie from the p3 18th two years ago in the CC.

    Before the shot, I walked up to the front of the (deep) trap to see the pin, actually reading the break, planning to hole it,

    hit the shot exactly like I pictured it (low runner).

    Guy who eventually won the tourney (who I had met earlier) was sitting behind the green with some other players, my own little gallery, all give me a cheer "He's a playaaa !" lol

    Close second, my second lowest career round / first time I ever broke 70 (68), holed out for eagle 2 on a short p4 from ~60 yds out.

    It was a course I was working at, prob played it ~500 times in the 5 yrs I worked there. Good times ~35 yrs ago.

    Was actually half pi**ed off finishing that round, as I double bogeyed the 17th to finish "only" -3 lol.
  • DavePelz4DavePelz4 A golf course in the Chicago area.ClubWRX Posts: 24,322 ClubWRX
    Making my only 2 holes in 1 in the same round and having my son there to enjoy it.
  • whiteout73whiteout73 Members Posts: 1,021 ✭✭
    Played in a scramble with one of the Partners at the law firm I worked for. I made 3 eagles in the round, where all the shots were mine - First par-5, used my drive, my second onto the green, and then I drained a 40-footer (granted, after having seen 3 misses, so I knew the line), another par-5, used my drive, my lay-up, and I dunked a wedge. Then the coolest- 310-yard par 4, I hit a drive that ended up two inches from the hole.
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  • FKA HBFKA HB Members Posts: 373
    I saw a hawk rip a squirrel from the ground about 20 feet from me. That squirrel made the most surprised noise as it was carried off to its undoubtedly horrible death. Still makes me smile to this day...
  • adam667220adam667220 Members Posts: 861 ✭✭
    Charity golf scramble several years ago. Pitched in from 30-40 yards out for eagle on a par 4. Then later in the round drove a downhill, blind par 4. We topped the hill and my ball was about 2 ft from the pin for another tap in eagle. Both won us skins. Both were completely luck but I got to feel pretty good during that round.
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  • vaca22vaca22 Commander In Beef Members Posts: 673 ✭✭
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    I play a heck of a lot by myself, so many times I might hit a neat shot that never goes noticed by anyone.

    In a scramble, we were in a total birdie drought - through 7 holes we were only E. On the 8th hole I was about 94 yards out on a par 4 and 3/4'd a sand wedge that just made it to the front of the green. It started rolling forward, following the contour of the green, until it somehow disappeared at the bottom of the cup.

    It was nice that my 3 friends witnessed that but little did I know the gallery also included 2 cart girls and the group behind us!

    That started a birdie streak, we birded the next 7 holes and finished -9.

    The winning group came in at -16, but that's entirely different story for an entirely different thread image/angry2.gif' class='bbc_emoticon' alt=':angry22:' />
  • RainShadowRainShadow Tucson AZ (for now)Members Posts: 3,680 ✭✭
    My dad got his first hole in one on his 60th birthday, with just he and I playing at Montecito CC ( #17 ) in Santa Barbara, where they were members for years.

    He did believe it went in.....until we got to the green and he didn't find it long ( his usual miss ) LOL

    I'll alway cherish that moment. He's 80 now. Dealing with Cancer issues ( both my step mom and him)

    He still plays a couple of times a week and shot his age last week from the men's tees.
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  • j.b.newtonj.b.newton Members Posts: 596 ✭✭
    Seems that for all the "hate" the scrambles get, there appears to be a lot of fond memories happening in them... image/golfer.gif' class='bbc_emoticon' alt=':golfer:' />
  • SilverBulletsSilverBullets BMW Members Posts: 5,884 ✭✭
    Coolest moment was def. when I was in high school and got to play Cypress Point with my dad as guests of Kevin Costner. I won't bore everyone with the details, its a story which is kind of hard to believe anyway, but, it was an incredible day. Getting to play the #1 ranked course in the country at the time, with my father, is something I will never forget. Truly incredible memories.

    I've had some cool experiences on the golf course, none which involve winning events or being an accomplished player (I'm certainly not an accomplished player), but almost all of which include spending time with my dad in some really cool places.
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  • nikegalnikegal The golf swing is simple arithmetic, not trigonometry Members Posts: 1,188 ✭✭
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    Hi guys image/smile.png' class='bbc_emoticon' alt=':)' /> that’s fantastic Cards!! Those memories are priceless!! For me, there are so many that I could think of as the game has played such a huge role in my life but I would say that it would have to be the day that Richard told me that he loved me for the first time on the first tee prior to his teeing off in the finals of the Western PA Inter-Club Match Play Championship. He then went out and did what not many of the over 500 individuals present that day thought that he could or would do- he defeated a Player who was, and Richard would tell you this, an elite amateur(Richard always considered himself “good,” not “elite”), a future USGA Champion, a +4.9(Richard was +2.8) and someone who would in all likelihood beat Richard 8-9/10 times.

    That day was one of Richard’s one/two times, haha. That would be his last Single’s Victory and though he and I would compete together as a mixed BB team two more times, I’ll never forget when he told me that, kissed me and broke down in my arms and then turned to his competitor and said “let’s get this over with” hahaha. I’m sure that he thought that Richard had thrown in the towel mentally. He hadn’t 😉
  • Loomis13Loomis13 Members Posts: 182 ✭✭
    Has to be playing in mens league with my dad. I wasn't hitting the ball great for the past couple months. Has even lost literally 35 yards from the year before. The only shot I had was a 3/4 swing fade with every iron. So we get to number 2 and I'm hitting 5 from 160. Hit a fade exactly how I wanted, and it hits probably 10 yards short of the pin. Kicks at a 45 degree angle left (insane cause I'm a righty) and mt dad hollers "go in...(a little pause) it did!" Sure enough my first hole in one.

    To make it better my dad then had to hit, and hit he did. His ball Mark was 6" in front of the pin and his ball stopped 2.5 feet directly behind the pin. We won the hole going 1 and 2. The other two went 3/2 and lost haha
  • wildcatdenwildcatden China Cat Sunflower Members Posts: 873 ✭✭
    Last time I ever played golf with my Dad. Shot my only under par round ever in my life (-1) on short par 62 course.
  • Shifty76Shifty76 Members Posts: 347 ✭✭
    For me it was probably when a heavily pregnant mama deer strolled up out of the trees to a grassed area right behind the tee box I was on and had the fawn right there.

    Really quiet day on the course (never saw anyone the entire round) so I got to just sit and watch nature.

    Lots of wildlife in the areas we golf. I've had friends chased by moose, see bear cubs, one friend had a ball stolen off the green by some kind of critter etc, but that was my first up close & personal with the local wildlife.
  • DLYskes1976DLYskes1976 BigSexy Members Posts: 45
    was doing a scramble ( all the best men and family members ) the morning of my brother's wedding, so it's my brother, stepfather, me and my dad, and we get to a hole and all are on the green, and i'm suppose to be third to putt... but as i am walking up to my ball i'm like i think i can do this,, and all in one motion if you want to call it that... with the putter in my right hand, i walk to the ball, take a nice swing, hit the ball and keep on walking.... and my brother yells out WTF are you doing..... and i keep on walking off the green and turn my head and see the ball go right into the cup, it was a good 50 footer, and we all go ballistic LOL..... it was so crazy
  • TheGeekGolferTheGeekGolfer Just beat the Huskies! Go Cougs! Members Posts: 1,439 ✭✭
    Played a 4 man scrabble about 6 years ago with 3 15-20 hdcp's. I was about a 10 at the time, but longer than now. This is about an 15 team field, legitimate scores. It was pouring rain the first 11 holes. I drove just off the green on the short-ish first hole. We birdied the first 7 holes. The guys I were randomly paired with were making everything. I finally putted (was going last in rotation) and birdied #9.

    The sun came out and our birdies started to dry up. We salvaged a par on the 630 yd par 5 with a 10 ft putt that broke 6 ft. Felt like a birdie.

    I drove the green over trees and a lake on the 300 yd 16th (265 yd straight line on the dog leg). We made the eagle and finished at 10 under and won by 2 strokes.
  • FlyingLaw1FlyingLaw1 MOMembers Posts: 837 ✭✭
    I've told this story here before but here goes the shortened version...

    I didn't start playing golf until high school my freshman year but by my senior year I was shooting in the mid/upper 80s more often than not (in competitive play). At the time, the top (I think 10?) individuals in the district tournament qualified for the state tournament. Since I considered the guys who qualified for class 4 state (class 4 is all the big schools) were all way better than me I figured this would be my last high school golf tournament.

    This year it was at a course that is far more difficult than any course we usually played in high school golf. I started with a bogey... then made par, another par, another par. Bogeyed 8 and doubled 9 (two of the top three hardest holes on the course). I was actually putting something of a round together. Birdied 10 which is 600+ yards.

    I came to 17 tee (220 yard par 4) 7 over. WAY bellow my average score on this course. I bogeyed. 18 is a dog leg left par 5. I don't remember how I got there but I ended up on the hill to the right of the green behind a tree laying 3. At this point one of the guys from another school asked how I was doing. I said something like "I'm 8 over so have no chance." He said, "82 gets you into state!" I ended up doubling to shoot 82 on the number and qualifying for state.

    That's not even the best part... A friend of mine from a cross town school was a *very* good high school player. He was shooting in the low 70s as a freshman. He had played the district tournament way a head of me. When he shot 82 he knew he'd missed state so he left. Turns out if I had shot 81 I'd have gone to state and he wouldn't have.

    He went on to win the Class 4 state golf tournament. That win got all sorts of college coaches looking at him. The following summer he went on to do very well on the AJGA. He eventually went on to play golf at Coastal Carolina (he later transferred back home but still played D1) and have a pretty successful collegiate golf career. All because I shot one stroke worse!
  • bigmoneypbigmoneyp MichiganMembers Posts: 3,274 ✭✭
    Not one specific moment but every year I take a golf trip with some guys in my family. My grandpa (77 years old) is one of them. I enjoy this trip every year and its the highlight of my season. He still hits the ball about 220 and hits almost every fairway with a draw.
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